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Columbia College Chicago
Services for Students with Disabilities
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Services for Students with Disabilities

The Services for Student’s with Disabilities (SSD) Office coordinates support services for students with disabilities and assists in providing a successful educational experience while attending Columbia College Chicago.  The SSD Office strives to provide the most integrated and appropriate accommodations in classes, programs and activities for students with disabilities and the SSD Office seeks to empower students’ personal and academic success, encouraging them to become independent and self-reliant. 

These disabilities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder
  • Learning Disability
  • Communication Disorders
  • Psychological Disabilities
  • Deafness/Hard-of-Hearing (see also Interpreting Services)
  • Blindness/Visual Impairment
  • Other Health Impairment

623 S. Wabash Suite 304  

Telephone: (312) 369-8296
Fax: (312) 369-8485

Mailing Address
600 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605-1996

Joyce E. Butts, Assistant Director of SSD
Phone: (312) 369-8134

Andrew Hrvol, Coordinator of SSD
Phone: (312) 369-8126
Email:  ahrvol@colum.edu

Duriyah Wilborn, Coordinator of Interpreting Services
Phone: (312) 369-8295/V, (312) 369-8178/TTY
Email: dwilborn@colum.edu

SSD Main Desk
Phone: 312-369-8296
Email: ssd@colum.edu 

What kind of accommodations are available for students with disabilities?
  • Letter for faculty regarding accommodations
  • Note-taking
  • Permission to tape-record lectures
  • Extended time for exams and quizzes
  • Sign-language interpreters (see also Interpreting Services)
  • Private testing room
  • Preferential seating
  • Others
Why should I register with SSD?
  • It is recommended that all students with disabilities provide documentation to SSD, even if they do not choose to request any services.
  • Providing documentation enables SSD staff to act more efficiently and knowledgeably on students' behalf, should the need arise and should students request this.

How do I start receiving services?

What are the documentation guidelines?

  • Please review the documentation guidelines to learn about the types of information that must be submitted to be considered eligible for services through SSD.
  • Be sure to read the general guidelines and specific guidelines related to your disability.

Please complete the following, and return the forms to the SSD Office:

Services for Students with Disabilities Application (complete)

Verification of Disability  (complete)

Disabilitiy Guidelines

Alternative Diagnostic Resources