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Game Design

About IAM

At the forefront of emerging media and technologies, the Interactive Arts and Media Department provides degree programs that are technically rigorous and creatively challenging By learning how to create games, mobile apps, sound designs, interactive media and dynamic interfaces, students in IAM become creative technologists, able to design meaningful experiences in the worlds of entertainment, art, education and industry.

IAM’s state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty and strong alliances with local and national industry partners ensure that students emerge with the digital toolset and hands-on, team-based experiences necessary to succeed in the expanding arena of game development, mobile computing, web design and interactive art.

About Game Design

Game development is an exciting multidisciplinary field that requires intense creativity, as well as professional discipline and strong collaborative production skills. Students in the Game Design major take a wide variety of engaging courses that help them develop a deep understanding of the aesthetics, tools, skills, process, theory and culture of games that informs their work and encourages them to develop and produce new and original ideas.

All students in the Game Design major enroll in core courses that emphasize the fundamentals of game design theory and process, cultural and societal aspects of game development, media theory and aesthetics, as well as introductory programming theory and practice. Students then select one of three concentrations – Game ArtGame Development or Game Sound Design – providing the depth of specialization that the game industry demands. A distinctive component of the Game Design curriculum is the senior capstone sequence, a year-long pair of courses where Game Design majors opt to either collaborate on a large team commercial-style game or work on smaller team projects, such as simulations, mods, social, mobile or indie games. Students in these senior projects come from all the concentrations of the Game Design major – Art, Development and Sound – as well as from the Game Programming major.

Recommended First-Semester Classes

We recommend all IAM students take the following courses in their first semester:

  • •36-1500 Introduction to Game Development
  • •36-1010 Computational Media Development
  • •36-1300 Digital Image Design