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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy is free of charge and enrolled students may attend as many sessions as they would like. The group sessions are confidential. You, other members, and the group leaders are bound ethically and legally not to disclose the contents of the group sessions.

Why does it work?

During group therapy, people begin to see that they are not alone. Many times people feel they are unique in their problems, and it is encouraging to hear that other people have similar difficulties. In the climate of trust provided by the group, people feel free to care about and help each other.

What types of groups are there?

Psychoeducational groups: This group is structured like a class and a specific learning objective will be met in each session. Group members are expected to apply the skills learned in group to their everyday life.  All of our groups are psychoeducational.

Self-help group/Support group: In this type of group, all members share a common problem, such as addiction, and the focus is to provide mutual support. The group is facilitated by members; a therapist or other professional is not involved. The South Loop Young People's Club is a self-help group. Although Counseling Services advertises the group on its web site, staff is not involved in the organization or facilitation of this group.

(This text was developed by Jack Corazzini, Virginia Commonwealth University)