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Columbia College Chicago


The Asian Student Organization (ASO) of Columbia College Chicago is a family that welcomes anyone interested in sharing their story or hearing others. Our organization strives to build community on campus and offcampus. Through events, activities and meetings students are able to build stronger relationships and network with other artists and off-campus organizations. Our mission is to celebrate and create a community for Asian American students on campus; but don’t get it twisted ‘Asian American’ (for us) doesn’t necessarily mean you are Asian American or come from an Asian American background. For the students involved in ASO, ‘Asian American’ means who you are and how you choose to celebrate your identity. Whether you recognize yourself as Black, White, Latino, Arab, Multiracial, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Queer or even Other, ASO welcomes you and hopes that you will find your story embedded within the voices of our organization.


Alison Divino

Asian Student Organization (ASO) Meetings
Every Thursday
5:00 pm
Multipurpose Studio
618 South Michigan Avenue/4th floor

Please visit us at colum.edu/ASO to see the calendar of our events

or join us at Facebook