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If you arrive between June 5 and September 17 and need temporary accommodations while you look for a more permanent place to live, the OISA may be able to assist you. Temporary housing will be available in a Columbia College Residence Center with double rooms during that period. The cost per night is a significant savings over local hotels and guesthouses.

At other times of the year there is virtually no temporary housing available on-campus, although there are a number of options off-campus. These include rooming houses, bed-and-breakfast facilities, and hotels.

Finding suitable accommodations in this area can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating because of the limited supply of available housing and the high demand for it. For information about on campus housing , please visit the Residence Life web page or call the Residence Life Office at 312-344-7803. For information on housing, e-mail  admissions@colum.edu.

Renter's Property Insurance:
Anyone living in a rented apartment should consider having personal property insurance to cover both property loss and personal liability (protection against any person sustaining an injury or loss in your apartment).

Personal property insurance may be obtained through private personal property insurance covers personal liability even when you are not in your apartment or house. For example, if you are bicycling and hit someone, this insurance covers your liability. Insurance usually covers personal liability up to $100,000 automatically; this amount can be increased to $500,000 with little extra cost. When discussing your coverage with an insurance representative, you should mention any special conditions such as subletting, roommate coverage, or additional coverage for expensive items like jewelry, personal computers, and stereo equipment so that appropriate conditions can be considered.