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Tunnel F.A.Q.
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Tunnel F.A.Q.

Tunnel of Oppression Frequently Asked Questions

I went through the Tunnel last year. Will it be the same information? Why should I go again?

This year’s Tunnel of Oppression will be different from the previous experience. Some topics will be again addressed but will be done so with a different perspective or providing different information. The collective experience of all the rooms of the Tunnel will be unique this year. We hope your multiple visits to the Tunnel will serve to enrich your understanding and reflection on issues of oppression.


What topics will be covered in the Tunnel?

This year’s Tunnel will focus on several topics including aversion therapy, government torture, lynch mobs, and police brutality.


Who creates the Tunnel?

The Tunnel is developed by the One Tribe Scholars, a Multicultural Affairs student collective that addresses issues of diversity and social justice within and beyond our college community. A committed group of staff are also volunteering their time to provide guidance to the student team and work behind the scenes during the actual Tunnel on April 24 and 26, 2013.


I want to help out as a Tunnel volunteer. What would I be doing exactly?

We would love to have you join us! You can serve as an actor, a tour guide (leading groups through the rooms of the Tunnel), a scene builder, and/or a crew member. Please download and complete this Volunteer form and email it to onetribe@colum.edu.


Where did the idea of a Tunnel of Oppression come from?

Tunnel of Oppression is a campus diversity initiative originally developed at Western Illinois University and loosely based on the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA. The idea for Tunnel came during a search for an effective way to accurately reflect the realities of oppression in a full sensory experiential manner. The creators wanted to give participants the opportunity to see, touch, hear, and feel the realities of oppression as a stepping-stone toward creating diversity awareness. More info: http://www.philau.edu/studentdev/tunnel.htm


Is there is a limit on the number of people per tour group?

We prefer tour groups to be no larger than 20 members. The reason we have provided a limit to the size of a tour group is to allow the groups to move through the Tunnel smoothly and for participants to have the maximum sensory experience of the Tunnel. The rooms will become difficult to navigate due to space if we exceed the limit.


For Individuals:
Can I walk through by myself? Do I have to sign up with a group?

You may experience the Tunnel without being part of a set group of people. Please use the reservation form to reserve your spot in advance.


Can I walk through at my own pace? Can the Tunnel be done in less than 30 minutes?

As advertised, we advise Tunnel participants to allow for 30 minutes for full immersion into the Tunnel experience. This includes the walk-through and the Reflection Room.

The guided tour is carefully designed and choreographed to be experienced within its set timeframe.


Are walk-ins accepted?

Yes, schedule permitting. Walk-ins are encouraged to come at least 30 minutes early to register for the next available tour.