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Remember to Save your file before you print by using the Save command under the File menu.

Go to the File menu and select Page Setup. Under Format for: choose the printer you want to send the print to. Then under Paper Size: choose the correct paper size for your document. Choose the correct orientation (portrait or landscape) and if you want to scale the document enter the percentage. Click OK.

(If you are using Illustrator, remember to set your print area in your document with the Page tool.) Go to the File menu and select Print. Make sure that the correct printer is selected under Printer.

Under Copies & Pages, set the number of Copies: you wish to print and under Pages: select to either print All of the pages or a range of pages.

There is a Duplex option in the pop-up menu for the Phaser 850 printer. You can check the Print on Both Sides box to make a double-sided print.

If you have brought in your own paper, go to the Paper Feed selection in the pop-up menu to select a manual feed. If you do not have a manual feed, you can leave the selection at Auto Select. Note that if you want to send a manual feed to the Grayscale or the Konica Fiery, you need to have selected the Grayscale Manual or the Konica Fiery Manual printers from the list under the page setup.

Under the Printer Features selection in the pop-up menu you can make some selections that are specifically related to each printer. The choices are usually related to print quality.

General Notes

All paper intended for manual feeds must be machine cut; you cannot use paper that you have cut by hand.

Double-sided prints will not be very precise! If you need precision, you will have better results if you print on two seperate sheets then affix them together.

We do not guarantee output.

Prints must be paid for in advance.

Set up your files correctly. Please ask if you need assistance.

Notes on Each Printer

Xerox Color Laser

The xeroxes accept text weight paper for manual feeds

Specialty papers like vellum and transparancies are available at the print counter ; If you bring your own stock please bring in the packaging so we can confirm that they will work correctly.

Epson Stylus 4000

The Epson printers only print well onto Epson brand paper. We do not recommend using other papers because the ink does not sit well upon them.

Prints with student-supplied letter size paper in the Epson 3000 printers are $2.00 each; tabloid size prints are $3.00 each.

Epson 9600 and 7600, Large Ink Jet

Manual feeds (onto Epson approved media) to these large format printers are possible but require advanced notice and need to be scheduled for non-peak hours.

If you are printing to a large-format printer and you leave before your piece has printed, please leave a copy of the file with a lab technician in case there is a printing problem.

Black and White Laser

Specialty papers like vellum and transparancies need to be certified for laser printer usage; please bring in the packaging so we can confirm that they will work correctly.