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Radio Minor
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Radio Minor

The Radio Minor is designed to create a curricular opportunity for students to more fully investigate radio as a discipline adjacent to or beyond their major coursework. A Radio Minor and the body of work created therein augments any student's portfolio as it prepares them for a global multi-media environment. *                                                                                                                  

Required Courses: All four of these courses must be completed. (12 Hours)
Class Credits
Voice & Articulation I    3
Radio Production I: Intro    4
Writing for Radio    3
WCRX Practicum I    2
Two of the following courses: (6-8 hours)
Class Credits
Music Radio Broadcasting I    4
The Radio Producer    3
Radio Podcasting    3
Radio Sports Play-By-Play    3
Music Radio Broadcasting II    4
Radio Storytelling    3
Ethics in Broadcasting    3
Radio Sportscasting    3
Voiceover I    3
Internet Radio    3
Voiceover Demo Production    3
Talk Radio    3
Production II: Intermediate    4
Radio Interviewing    3
Radio Marketing and Promotion    3
Radio Programming    3
Voice Acting for Animation    3

*NOTE: There is no internship opportunity included in the Radio Minor. Introduction to Radio, Ethics in Broadcasting, Radio Marketing and Promotion, Radio Production II: Intermediate and WCRX Practicum I would have to be taken to qualify for an internship as well as being a Junior in good standing with a 3.0 GPA.