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Columbia College Chicago
Anne Roecklein & Jennifer Yorke

Anne Roecklein & Jennifer Yorke

August 1 - 20, 2011

Hybrid figures populate the ambiguous spaces and narratives of Anne Roecklein and Jennifer Yorke’s collages, in which they expose the tension between attraction and repulsion, desire and danger, sensuality and rot. They blend found and invented images to provoke frustrated and misdirected desires, but also entice with beauty. Roecklein creates lures for people. Filled with opulence and ornamentation they become a focal point for our conflicting wishes to resist or indulge, to pursue or refrain. Yorke’s work suggests that our public and private selves are not easily reconciled. Conflating fashion’s celebration and distortion of the body with our more day-to-day experience of its flaws, failures and expellants, her work is about our often-unsuccessful attempts to know and understand the world through appearances. Together as resident artists at Anchor Graphics, they created a series of large-scale prints in which they further hybridized their work.


Watch Anne Roecklein & Jennifer Yorke's Artist-In-Residence Lecture



Jennifer Yorke
Morituri Te Salutan
screen print
30" x 40"