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Columbia College Chicago
Chris Dacre

Chris Dacre

May 5 - 27, 2009

During his residency Chris Dacre worked on a lithograph and large scale woodcuts that will be incorporated into his "WAR is FUN!" installations. Using a variety of media including screen prints, sculpture, wall painting, and video, these installations depict scenes of furious battle as cute and cuddle woodland creatures wage a merciless war. Dark humor and sharp sarcasm combine to caricature the use of the most technologically advanced weapons of our time to satisfy the most basic of animal instincts.

For more on Chris Dacre's installations watch his Artist In Residence Lecture Part 1, Artist In Residence Lecture Part 2, or download a PDF of our Summer 2009 Newsletter.

Click here for Chris Dacre's website.

Abort Mission Bubbles and Rainbows
19 1/2" x 32 3/4"

Chris Dacre and David Jones proof one of his woodcuts.