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International Arts Management, BA

The arts and entertainment industries are becoming increasingly global as technology makes it easier to create, collaborate and reach new audiences. Most of the major enterprises in the field have presences abroad and are seeking culturally competent professionals to join their diverse teams.

As an International Arts Management student, you’ll gain a strong foundation in business practices like finance, law and marketing, and you’ll have the opportunity to take courses in music, visual arts, design and sports. But the highlight of this program is the opportunity to study abroad. Our students have studied in England, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

What to Expect Your First Year

In your first year, you’ll gain foundational knowledge that will be vital to your success in the arts, entertainment and creative industries. You’ll take core business courses in topics such as marketing, management and economics. But these aren’t your average business courses. We tailor them to the arts and media industries, so each example and scenario will make sense for the unique landscape of your chosen field.

You’ll also take a jam-packed survey course called International Arts Management. This course will give you the lay of the land: current trends, opportunities, threats and themes emerging in the field. You’ll explore how different industries are structured internationally and consider the many important factors that contribute to decision-making on a global scale: different laws and policies, currencies and cultural expectations.

What to Expect Your Last Year

In your last year, you’ll have the opportunity to study abroad to gain exposure to arts centers around the world in a city such as Rome, London, Singapore or Prague. You’ll have the opportunity to join a traditional study abroad program in which you’ll study at an internationally renowned university in another city.

Detailed Program Information

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Real-world Opportunities

What experience will I get outside the classroom?

Columbia is home to a diverse student body and a large international student population. You’ll have many opportunities to interact with artists from different cultures and will be able to collaborate in a variety of capacities. You’ll join a cohort of talented students and will have the opportunity to put your skills to work on numerous events, exhibitions and other projects.

During your time abroad, we’ll encourage you to seek out a network in your host city and take in as much art and entertainment as you can. For example, you might visit Pompeii in Italy, Stonehenge in England or Terezin in the Czech Republic. The Mucha Museum in Prague and the National Gallery in London are two culturally important visual arts institutions, while Cinecitta in Rome is essential for students interested in media and film management. Depending on your interests, our faculty will recommend specific experiences to seek out while you’re abroad.

What are my internship options?

We encourage students to intern at international cultural organizations such as Eye on India, the Chicago International Film Festival and Chicago’s World Music Festival. The hands-on experience you gain through these internationally-focused internships will give you a decided edge as you enter the marketplace.


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