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At the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, we value the learning partnership between the diverse student body and our award-winning, innovative faculty. Together we continuously examine the evolving field of dance. Specifically, we investigate contemporary dance as it is informed by the relationship between modern dance, ballet and West African dance.

Majors & Programs

The Dance Department, home of one of the nation’s largest programs devoted to the study of contemporary dance, will prepare you to perform, choreograph or teach your dream. You’ll engage in a comprehensive, highly disciplined, and exciting program of physical and intellectual study and creative endeavor. We offer both a Bachelor of Arts and a more intensive Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as well as a minor in Dance.

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Dance, BA


At Columbia, we’ll celebrate your unique point of view as a dancer. You’ll explore a variety of techniques including modern/contemporary, West African, ballet, and hip-hop and related street dance styles. You’ll gain a strong physical foundation in dance technique and improvisation while also studying dance history and theory. Our well-rounded approach will prepare you to teach, produce, choreograph and perform. You’ll connect with our diverse professional faculty who have deep ties in Chicago, one of the country’s most vibrant and accessible dance communities.

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Dance, BFA


Experience highly-disciplined training and challenging academic study in Columbia’s professional-track Dance BFA program. This selective program includes focused, rigorous coursework culminating in a capstone project tailored to your interests and ambitions. You’ll gain broad exposure to many aspects of the dance community and will enter the field ready to compete not only in performance, but also as a dance scholar, producer, teacher and choreographer.

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Arts in Healthcare Minor


This minor is offered to students currently enrolled in a major program in Art and Art History, Design, Photography, Theatre, Music, Dance or Creative Writing. Learn how to create, exhibit, and perform your art in a healthcare environment. You will learn how to develop and implement arts-based programming to positively impact consumers, providers and visitors of healthcare facilities and their surrounding environments. This minor provides excellent preparation for those interested in pursuing graduate degrees in therapy in the form of art, dance/movement, drama, music or poetry.

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Dance Minor


If you’re majoring in another field, but want to explore your passion for dance, this minor will give you a physical and intellectual overview of the field. You’ll have access to technique courses in West African, ballet, modern/contemporary, and hip-hop and other street dance styles. You’ll also take courses in dance studies, so you can better understand the physical skills you’re learning in the studio. This minor will enhance your understanding of the important role that dance plays in culture and society.

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Hip-Hop Studies Minor


In this minor, you’ll interact with the vibrant hip-hop communities at Columbia and throughout Chicago. The minor unites many disciplines through a hip-hop lens, including music, dance, art, creative writing, and entrepreneurship. You can take classes in topics like hip-hop music creation, breaking and other street dance techniques, DJing, and record label management. You’ll also participate in events, jams, and performances, pairing this hands-on experience with conversations about the history and ethics of hip-hop, including issues related to race, gender, class, and social justice.

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