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Design offers bachelor’s degrees in Advertising Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration and Interior Architecture. Our BFA programs are intended to provide intensive training in the intellectual, technical and physical skills necessary for design professionals. The Bachelor of Arts degrees allow you to take a broad approach to your studies, blending disciplines and techniques from the entire department.

Majors & Programs

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Advertising Art Direction, BA


Advertising art directors make an impact influencing consumers’ product choices through creative ideas, thoughts and concepts. As an Advertising Art Direction major, you’ll learn to think conceptually and create visually. You’ll identify unique selling propositions, visualize campaigns, strategize and create marketing programs. You’ll create client-specific work in a collaborative atmosphere that prepares you to work in a team-driven profession. You’ll build an impressive portfolio and have opportunities for internships in one of the major advertising cities in the world.

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Graphic Design, BA


You’ll learn to create compelling, dynamic visual communications that elicit emotional responses and guide people in our everyday lives. You’ll learn how typography, composition and aesthetics contribute to the creation of meaningful, client-specific graphic design solutions. In the Graphic Design BA program, you’re encouraged to pursue a minor and have the ability to take a majority of your electives outside of graphic design. You may also choose a concentration in Web Design to further focus your degree.

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Graphic Design, Publication Design, BA

Students seeking a Graphic Design BA may choose to focus on Publication Design. This degree is the initial path for all BFA candidates in Graphic Design.

Graphic Design, Web Design, BA

Students seeking a Graphic Design BA may choose to focus on Web Design, generating visual solutions to web-based design problems. This degree is currently the initial path for all BFA candidates in Graphic Design.

Illustration, BA


As a BA student in Illustration, you’ll build on your drawing skills and sense of personal expression while learning the art of visual storytelling. We’ll teach you the core creative and business skills needed to be a professional illustrator in a customizable program that allows you to also pursue other creative fields, potentially with a minor. You’ll do client-focused work and learn both the manual and digital skills needed to develop successful illustration solutions across traditional and new media platforms.

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Graphic Design, BFA


Graphic designers create meaningful visual messages that elicit emotional responses and guide the choices we make in our everyday lives. As a BFA student in Graphic Design, you’ll develop advanced graphic design skills and build a cohesive portfolio. You’ll receive a rigorous, professionally focused education in visual communications with a foundation in design research. You’ll develop unique concepts and creative solutions to client-specific challenges.

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Illustration, BFA


As a BFA student in the Illustration program, you’ll learn to take your drawing skills and sense of personal expression to the next level as you prepare for a career that’s a profession, not a hobby. You’ll learn to tell a story visually, both manually and digitally, and you’ll apply your visual storytelling skills in client-focused ways by learning three commercial models: freelance, institutional and contract-based, along with the business skills necessary to thrive as a professional illustrator.

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Interior Architecture, BFA


As an Interior Architecture student, you’ll develop an understanding of client requirements, physical structures, space planning and building codes, along with color theory, furniture and material selection and detail design. Our commercially- focused, accredited program will put you on the path towards professional licensure. The program stands apart from other schools with faculty who are professionally practicing designers, a state of the art fabrication facility and our location in one of the world’s most iconic cities for architecture and design.

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Graphic Design Minor


Learn the language of graphic design and develop a toolkit that will be applicable to creative careers across industries. You’ll learn how to visually convey messages, clarify complex information and solve problems through design. This minor covers both digital and traditional graphic design. You’ll learn creative and conceptual processes that allow you to design powerful messages working with typography, layout, image editing, illustration, color theory and more, in addition to using the computer-based skills required to successfully deliver your work.

Requirements for the Graphic Design Minor

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