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As a Music student, your curriculum includes music theory and techniques as well as the core courses for your particular degree and concentration. The department emphasizes musicianship, professionalism, self-expression and originality––in and out of the classroom. Your learning may also take place in private lessons, workshops, small and/or solo performances and large ensembles.

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43-3333 Music Industry Immersion: Recording Workshop

3 Credits

A unique experiential learning opportunity for students interested in music, music business, and audio arts to engage these disciplines in an accelerated, hands-on environment. Students will be coached on the development of their musical, technical, and management skills through collaborative projects encompassing song development and arranging, live performance, live sound reinforcement, recording, artist management, and music company operations. The course will include students, faculty and facilities from the Departments of Music, Audio Arts and Acoustics (AA+A) and Business & Entrepreneurship (BusE). Students and faculty from Pop Akademie University Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany ( will also participate in this collaborative experience.

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