Honors Program

Declare Honors

Declare Honors

Photo by Tim Klein

Hello, future Honors Program student!

You’ve arrived on the page where you “declare honors.” Before you declare, we have a few important things to mention. Don’t worry—it will only take a minute!

First, please remember: Only current Columbia students with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher can declare honors. (Questions about this? Contact us.)

With us so far? Good. Once you declare honors, you will need to complete 15 credit hours of coursework carrying the Honors designation to complete the program. These courses are, at present, only offered in the LAS Core Curriculum and have an "HN" after the course number in the OASIS course catalog. Once you declare honors, your progress toward completing the minimum 15 credits can be tracked in OASIS.

You do not need to declare honors to enroll in an Honors class, 
but we recommend that you do if you would like OASIS to track your progress toward completing the program. Declaring Honors also ensures upon graduation that the "Honors Program Graduate" distinction appears on your transcript once you do complete the minimum 15 credits. Please remember that the Honors Program Graduate distinction is different from Latin Honors: Summa cum Laude, Magna cum Laude, and Cum Laude.

Sound good? Then join the Honors Program below! Simply enter your OASIS ID and birth date. If you have any questions, please contact us