High School
Summer Institute



Art & Design

Foundations of Graphic Design

22-0410, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to graphic design as a form of visual communication through the use of type, image, form, and color. Projects explore design processes, visual identity and communication, thematic structure and hierarchy, creative problem solving, and basic design practice of critiques and discussion.

Fine Art Mixed Media

22-0440, 3 credit hours

This course introduces material, techniques, and conceptual methods to develop students' art-making practices. Artists as visual communicators use many approaches and attitudes to articulate and disseminate ideas. Exercises, projects, and collaborative class work lead through concept development, choice-making, execution, presentation, and critique. Students will consider their own role regarding contemporary issues of audience, artistic attitude, desired mission, and social awareness as they develop their studio practice.

Decoding Images

22-0445, 3 credit hours

This is an art appreciation course utilizing Chicago's wealth of museums, architecture, and public art. By examining broad themes such as art and the self, art and power, art and the invisible, students gain the vocabulary, visual analysis skills, and historical background to understand many kinds of art. Slide lectures and class discussions provide the background for field trips to view art in person. Students must purchase the textbook Looking at Art and pay some museum admission fees.

Foundations of Digital Art

22-0460, 3 credit hours

This course investigates issues of art and technology and introduces digital devices and the processes necessary to their art practice as creative tools. Course will introduce digital art making, and students will become familiar with a wide variety of digital tools and approaches.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Fundamentals of Recorded Music

28-0410, 3 credit hours

This course for high school students defines and develops the field of record production. The subject matter includes recording concepts, studio nomenclature, recording techniques, music and marketing trends, studio selection, relationships between artist and producer, budget, marketing, promotion, and sales as they affect the producer. The course also discusses how to begin your own record label. Prerequisite: A curiosity for the recording process.

Cinema Art + Science

Introduction to Cinema Production

24-0410, 3 credit hours

This course is an introduction to the visual art of filmmaking. Through the conceptual processes of screenwriting and storyboarding, students will learn to communicate an idea visually. Production logistics will be taught, culminating with an end project, the trailer to the movie students have created in the course. Equipment is provided throughout production week.

Creative Writing

Fiction Writing Workshop I

55-0410, 3 credit hours

This beginning level Story Workshop® class will use a wide range of exercises and activities to help students develop their voice in oral and written storytelling. Point-of-view, seeing-in-the-mind, gesture, audience, and other aspects of story in various media will be emphasized so that students learn to incorporate basic storytelling principles, forms, and techniques into their own writing.


Dance Workshop: Half Day

33-0920, 3 credit hours

This intensive workshop, which emphasizes Modern Dance technique and improvisation/choreography, culminates in a showing of student and faculty created work. In addition to a daily Modern Dance technique class, students will take classes in related styles and forms of dance such as ballet and hip-hop. Through the improvisation and choreography classes students will develop their performance and problem-solving skills as well as their ability to collaborate effectively. Dancers must have ballet shoes, appropriate dancewear: tights, leotard and warm-ups, and be ready to dance on the first day. Dancers may receive a DVD copy of their own performance in the final concert. There will be approximately 3 hours of outside work related to class studies (journal writing, practice, composition studies).


The Art of Teaching Young Children

38-0410, 3 credit hours

This course provides an introduction to early childhood education with an opportunity for students to gain exposure to current issues in the field; career possibilities; and the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards encountered by those who work with young children. Discussions and reading topics include underlying beliefs and principles that guide the wide variety of programs currently available to families for the care and education of their children and a brief overview of normal child development from birth through age eight. Beginning from the perspective of their own lives, members will consider the impact that caretaking relationships and environments have on various domains of development. The role that the arts might play in teaching young children will be considered with a special emphasis placed on the medium of picture books. We will explore the ways in which teachers can embrace and make use of difference to help all children grow strong in knowing themselves and others as they learn new skills, explore new ideas, and create possible worlds in their play and studies at school.

Fashion Studies

Fashion Design Basics

27-0401, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to the basics of fashion drawing, developing themes, color palettes and trend research towards designing their own fashion collections. The course also includes in-class assignments that enhance creative experimentation through exploration of various fashion silhouettes, clothing styles and materials that aide the design process.

The follwing items are required for this course:
- Sketch Book (Design Journal) size 11”x14” un-ruled pages, thick artist paper, with plenty of pages.
- Various Drawing Materials (student’s choice; think varied and broadly eg colored pencils, markers, watercolors, etc.)
- Kit: glue stick/stapler/pencils/scissors/pencil sharpener/eraser/scotch tape/various types of decorative paper/straight-edge clear rule etc.

Chicago Fashion Industry

27-0910, 3 credit hours

This course provides an exciting overview of the fashion industry. The principles of teamwork, decision-making, project management and creativity are heavily emphasized. Field trips to top retailers, plus class visitations by experts in the local fashion business are vital parts of this program. Students design and produce a garment regardless of their level of expertise. They then style their own photo shoot featuring their designed items. This course is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing any aspect of fashion as a career.

Interactive Arts & Media

Game Art

36-0412, 3 credit hours

Game artists use a variety of tools and techniques in their work yet the process always begins with a desire to extend one’s artistic talent through technology. This class will introduce students to the practice of making 3D asseets such as models, animations and backgrounds for the video game. Students will learn how to export assets into a game engine and become acquainted with the game production pipeline. Photoshop experience highly recommended. Familiarity with 3D packages (Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, Blender) would be a plus.


Reporting Entertainment News

53-0825, 3 credit hours

From neighborhood festivals to street performers, Chicago comes alive each summer. Students in this course will report and write about these events and more as they move out and about the city.

Marketing Communications

Worldwide Marketing

54-0446, 3 credit hours

The Consumer today is, in fact, thousands of different consumers. It is possible to segment an unlimited number of distinct niche markets. We'll explore a dozen of these market segments, and get new insights into the people worldwide for whom products and services are developed, and to whom marketing, advertising and public relations communications are directed.


Creating Music

32-0210, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of music composition, including rhythmic patterns, melody, harmony, notation techniques, and choice of instruments. Student work is performed by the class on available instruments and voices.

The Singer Prepares

32-0520, 3 credit hours

This class addresses the fundamentals of singing performance with special attention given to stage awareness, microphone technique, preparation of material, and the reduction of stage fright, culminating in a student showcase performance. Students must provide sheet music for at least four songs. Prerequisite: Participation in school or church choral ensemble, or in community theater.

Beginning MIDI

32-0921, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and to MIDI sequencing using computer software and synthesizers. The course focuses on essential concepts of computer assisted music production and teaches practical aspects of MIDI in a hands-on environment, following current trends. Knowledge of music theory or music composition is not required. Prerequisite: Computer experience


Basic Digital Photography and Visual Language

23-0210, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to basic concepts of photography and photographic language through the medium of digital photography. Through hands-on activities in the digital computer labs and lighting studio, students will produce photographic prints and explore basic elements of the medium. Assignments are designed to develop skill with basic techniques and to expand the photographer’s creative horizons. On Fridays, students in both the Darkroom and Digital Photography classes will meet for collaborative field trips and onsite discussions designed to expand on their classroom experiences. Students will be challenged to engage with the present range and uses of photography and their own creative ideas. All materials are provided.

Basic Dark Room Photography and Visual Language

23-0110, 3 credit hours

This course introduces students to basic concepts of photography and photographic language through the medium of Black and White film photography and basic darkroom techniques. Through hands-on activities in the darkrooms and the lighting studio, students will produce Black and White darkroom prints and explore basic elements of the medium. Assignments are designed to develop skill with basic techniques and to expand the photographer’s creative horizons. On Fridays, students in both the Darkroom and Digital Photography classes will meet for collaborative field trips and onsite discussions designed to expand on their classroom experience. Students will be challenged to engage with the present range and uses of photography and their own creative ideas. All materials are provided.


Radio: Talent and Production

41-0417 3 credit hours

Radio: Talent and Production is a three-week, half-day intensive course that combines both the traditional applications of radio with emerging technologies for Internet broadcast. Students will gain hands-on experience with the effective performance tools for on-air talent; the basics of digital audio production, using Garage Band, Adobe Audition & Pro Tools software. The final week of camp, students apply what they've learned by collaborating as a broadcast production team, creating multimedia content for the Internet and our on-line radio station.

Introduction to Club DJ and Beat Making

41-0317 3 credit hours

HSSI students will experience a condensed immersion into the Art of Club/Mobile DJing and creating contemporary “beats” using a combination of hands-on instruction and basic software operation in a collaborative setting to produce content for live DJ performance. Evaluation will be based on hands-on live DJ execution and a prerecorded final “beat” project.


Advanced Television Production: Directing the Webisode

40-0401 3 credit hours

The internet and mobile modes of distribution have created a space for a new form of episodic content: The Webisode. This course will focus on all aspects of directing and production as they pertain specifically to the webisodic series. Students will create a web series during the course of this class.

Advanced Television Production: Field & Editing

40-0402 3 credit hours

Students will learn pre-production planning and the aesthetics of composition and shot selection. They will become proficient in the use of professional video cameras, sound and lighting equipment used in field production. In addition they will learn to work cooperatively as part of a production team to shoot and edit video projects from conception to completion.


Theatre Performance Intensive

31-0610, 6 credit hours

Theatre Intensive is a five-day, three-week intensive experience in acting where students will learn voice, movement, stage makeup or design, and stage combat skills. The course culminates in a showcase on the last day of class. Students will attend special workshops, rehearse materials, perform/present and see Chicago theatre.

Musical Theatre Performance Intensive

31-0620, 6 credit hours

In this three week, five day per week intensive class, students will practice integrative learning as they learn the skills and performance values necessary for a career in musical theatre (acting, dance, singing, and other specialized skills), and the applied skills that transfer to everyday activities and other course options - focus, concentration, commitment, energy, collaboration. The class ends with a performance showcase.