High School
Summer Institute

Register for Classes

As soon as you have received confirmation of your acceptance to the program from Columbia’s Undergraduate Admissions Office, you may register for classes. Registration is done through the College’s “Oasis” system.

To use the Oasis system:

  1. Log on to oasis.colum.edu; enter your oasis id and password that were sent to your email address. If you need assistance logging on, you may call 312.369.7130 or email admissions@colum.edu
  2. Click on the blue “Students” tab located just below your name at the top of the screen.
  3. On the Students page, click on the “Register for Classes” link listed under the “CX-Student Enrollment Portlet.”
  4. Click “Set Options” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the appropriate Program, Semester, and Year. For the High School Summer Institute select: program = high school summer inst.
    Session = summer semester
    year = 2014
  6. Enter your course number(s) for your class(es) in the format indicated (## – ####) and the section number in the format indicated (##, e.g. 41).
    see example below:
  7. Click “Add.”
  8. Once you have added all the classes you wish, please close the Registration Entry window. You will see your new courses immediately in “Student Schedule for High School Institute 2014.”


If the course you would like to take is closed, we encourage you to check back often to see if any spaces have opened up. We regret that we are unable to maintain “waiting lists” for classes. However, we may be able to help you select alternate courses that suit your interests. We would welcome hearing from you.