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Summer in Florence
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Summer in Florence

This 4-week program offers 5 courses taught by Columbia faculty in the heart of central Florence. Courses are taught at the facilities of Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM), located in ten buildings (totaling 4800 square meters) in the historic city center next to the thriving San Lorenzo market and church, and close to transport facilities. Florence’s unique architectural masterpiece, il Duomo is within a few minutes’ walk. Together, the LdM buildings contain a full range of facilities including numerous classrooms and large specialized art studios, a cafeteria, a courtyard garden, a library, printing facilities and a computer center.

The main LdM building in Florence is situated on Via Faenza and dates back to the 13th century. It originated as a convent connected to a medieval church, San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini. This church, now deconsecrated was founded in 1206 and for its first hundred years belonged to the Knights Templar.

All courses offered to non-majors and can fulfill Global Awareness (GA) and College Wide Elective (CWE) credits. Most courses can be taken for grad and undergrad credit, please contact the instructor for more information. Departmental permission may be required for non-majors.

Dates: July 3-August 1, 2014

Location: Florence, Italy

Cost: This program includes courses taught by Columbia faculty, local housing, on-site orientation, Welcome and Closing dinners, walking tours of Florence, a pass for admission to most local museums, use of computer labs, printing labs and the use of a cell phone while in Florence. Program costs will be paid to Columbia through the student account in Oasis. Please review the application below for full pricing information.

Course Descriptions:

The Return of the Renaissance, 50–3407, 3 credits
Instructor: Rami Gabriel, Ph.D.

Why do 10 million people visit Florence as cultural tourists every year? Other than the gelato, it is because this city is the historical center for praising humanity and offers us the opportunity to get in touch with the core of Western civilization: Humanism, Religion, and Art. From the Grand Tours of the 19th century to today’s backpackers, Florence has served as a magnet for travelers who seek a touchstone for notions of civilization itself. The spirit of the Enlightenment was hatched under a Tuscan sun and it is here we are drawn to refresh the desire to know – and enjoy – ourselves. Tourism, for many, is a quest to ‘see the world’, and the great cities are re-created for visitors to highlight the elements of our past of which we are proud. This summer course provides living connections between Florence’s cultural renaissance and today’s leisure economy. We will see the city through the eyes of its famous visitors, in its classic stories, and by the light of contemporary and historical guidebooks. The Return of the Renaissance will be of value as a crucial element in a liberal arts education in social sciences (psychology, anthropology, economics), humanities (literature, poetry, philosophy, religious studies), and art history (architecture, sculpture).

This course explores the resonance of the Italian Renaissance in modern Western culture, with particular attention to its psychological legacy. Topics covered include Renaissance conceptions of the individual, rationalism, religion, and aesthetics. A focus will be placed on how their conception of human nature, and the accompanying humanist ethic, suffused cultural, political, social, psychological, and philosophical thought in the modern West.  This course satisfies SS, GA, WI and CWE credit.

Contact: Rami Gabriel at rgabriel@colum.edu

Cinematic Art in the Land of Leonardo, 24-2001, 3 credits
Instructor: Adam Jones

Students participate directly in location fiction and/or documentary film production. An understanding of the fundamental artistic and narrative concepts that were either discovered or reborn during the Italian Renaissance is built through film screenings, classroom discussions, and visits to museums and galleries. Special attention is paid to visual perspective; the impact of physical context on visual narrative; individual and collaborative approaches to art making: symbolism; and the role of patronage, apprenticeship and mentorship. Primary historical references are Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, and Renaissance perspectival painting, sculpture, and architecture. These are cross-referenced to 20th century Italian Neo-Realist cinema through close analysis of the work of Roberto Rossellini. Each topic is approached from the point of view of performance, photography/cinematography, design, and editing. The course will be of value to film students but also to actors, photographers, set and fashion designers, and those interested in art history and art criticism.

 Contact: Margie Barrett at mbarrett@colum.edu

Intro to Fashion Journalism: Fashion & Media in Florence & Milan, 53-2526, 3 credits
Instructor: Yolanda Joe

Love Fashion? Love Storytelling? Travel to Italy, an international hub of Fashion. Study emerging trends, meet up and coming designers, craft blogs, and create unique video diaries.

Contact: Yolanda Joe at yjoe@colum.edu

Audio Drama: Commedia Dell’ Arte, 41-1225, 3 credits
Instructor: marssie Mencotti

After studying Italian Commedia dell’Arte dramatic style students will write, improvise, act and produce a modern Commedia dell’Arte audio play. Commedia Dell’Arte is a form of theatre, originating in Italy and characterized by improvised performances from a scenario-based script. Adapting the stock roles to modern times, students write the script and portray multiple masks by using a variety of voices. We travel through Florence scouting locations, capturing sound bites and natural ambience. We record, “on-location," out-of-doors. This course is designed for writers, actors, voiceovers, directors, drama students and lovers of audio drama from all disciplines.

Contact: marssie Mencotti at mmencotti@colum.edu

General Contact: Any interested student should contact International Programs at aiipoffice@colum.edu to get information and to be put on the Summer in Florence mailing list.

The Kolcraft Study Abroad Scholarship was established to assist one outstanding full-time undergraduate Art and Design student at Columbia College Chicago defray summer 2014 in Florence Study Abroad tuition costs. For more information go to: http://www.colum.edu/Student_Financial_Services/create-a-plan/scholarships/