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Rami Gabriel

Associate Professor

624 S Michigan, Rm 1000
Phone: (312) 369-8792


Rami Gabriel, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago.Dr. Gabriel holds a PhD and MA from the Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences Psychology program at University of California, Santa Barbara and a Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Irvine in Psychology with a minor in Comparative Literature. His dissertation was on unconscious emotion in a Prosopagnosic patient. Current research interests include consciousness, the self, affective neuroscience, the philosophy of psychology, nonverbal social communication, and consumer society. His first book, Why I Buy: Self, Taste, and Consumer Society in America, is published by Intellect Press UK and distributed in America by University of Chicago Press. Dr. Gabriel is a founding fellow at the Columbia College Chicago Liberal Arts and Sciences Research group in Mind, Science, and Culture ( The group is currently focusing on the evolution of emotion, the philosophy of affective neuroscience, and the evolution of social intelligence.

Courses taught include: “Self and Identity: the Mind–Body Question,” “The Psychology of Consciousness,” “Freud and His Legacy in Twentieth Century Arts,” "Drugs and the Brain," and he co-teaches “Evolution of the Mind” and "Emotions" with a philosopher.Dr. Gabriel is also a professional musician; he performs locally and nationally on the oud and the guitar. His musical interests center on Middle Eastern classical and folk music, early American jazz and Blues, and musique concrete. He looks forward to further expanding his artistic scope.


B.A., Psychology University of California Irvine 2002
M.A., Psychology University of California Santa Barbara 2004
Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara 2007

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