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Science and Mathematics

The Science and Mathematics Department’s primary mission is to provide students with a comprehensive background in scientific and mathematical thought. In addition to minors in Biology, Mathematics and Environmental Studies, we offer fundamental courses required in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum as well as a variety of challenging electives. In our classes you’ll use creative problem solving to develop the flexibility of thought that helps you adapt to technical and philosophical changes in your field––and in your life.

Majors & Programs

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Art and Materials Conservation, BA


Our students don’t just learn how to make art—they also learn how to conserve it. You’ll immerse yourself in a program that follows American Institute for Conservation guidelines. Your coursework will include chemistry, material science, studio art and the humanities. The best part? You’ll spend a year living and learning the hands-on work of restoration and conservation in Florence, Italy.

Biology Minor


At Columbia, we believe that artists, animators, communicators and creative thinkers of all kinds need to understand the natural world in order to illustrate it, write about it and help preserve it. That’s why we created the minor in Biology. Your courses will encompass all manner of life—from the smallest cell to the largest mammal.

Environmental Studies Minor


Global environmental challenges mean a growing demand for creative, sustainable solutions. The Environmental Studies minor blends natural-science coursework in biology, chemistry, geology and ecology. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific, economic, political and ethical issues relating to the environment today––an experience that can enhance your work in any field.

Mathematics Minor


Technology has redefined the creative space, and mathematics is at the heart of creating the digital world. The Mathematics minor covers critical topics in the field with an emphasis on applied math. You’ll complete a three-semester sequence in calculus and, based on your particular interests, select three additional courses in more advanced topics.

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