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The Communication Department offers majors in Advertising, Communication, Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations, and Social Media and Digital Strategy, as well as three minors. Choose one of these creative paths, and complete your degree prepared to work any number of jobs, including as an advertising executive, art director, copywriter, content strategist, corporate communications professional, creative director, event director, magazine editor, news anchor or reporter, photojournalist, publicist, social media specialist, spokesperson - and more.

Majors & Programs

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Advertising, BA


Create strategically sound, award-winning ad campaigns working on real-world projects with industry professionals in one of the largest advertising communities in the country.

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Communication, BA


Our BA in Communication offers a comprehensive curriculum through a creative lens. Through coursework in communication, multimedia production, storytelling, information analysis, and civic practice, you’ll develop the skills needed to thrive in an evolving media environment. Graduate an empowered communicator and cross-platform media practitioner ready to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and creative fabric of your community, and prepare for success in a broad range of communication and information industries—including politics, news, nonprofits, municipal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and tech startups.

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Interdisciplinary Documentary, BA


Documentary filmmakers wear many hats. They’re directors and writers, photographers and voice actors. But above all else, documentary filmmakers are compelling storytellers with a passion for spreading the truth. As an Interdisciplinary Documentary major, you’ll take courses in a variety of departments and gain a comprehensive education that covers nonfiction storytelling through story, image and sound. You’ll graduate with a wide knowledge of documentary theory and practice and a portfolio of nonfiction work that spans disciplines and media formats.

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Multimedia Journalism, BA


Gain hands-on multimedia experience in one of three concentrations within our Multimedia Journalism program: Broadcast Journalism (Television or Radio emphasis), Magazine, or News and Features.

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Multimedia Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, BA – Television or Radio emphasis

Broadcast journalists are expert storytellers. At Columbia, you’ll learn how to find and tell compelling stories while gaining the social media and technical skills required to produce broadcast news, features and online content for blogs and podcasts. Radio students gain invaluable experience at our college station, 88.1 WCRX-FM, a fantastic training resource and creative outlet. As a Television student, you’ll get your hands on our industry-standard equipment and learn whether you want to work behind the scenes or deliver news on camera.

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Multimedia Journalism - Magazine, BA

Magazine publishers are increasingly moving their content online, a transformation you’ll be well prepared to handle with a degree from Columbia. Our Magazine concentration provides you unparalleled hands-on training for writing and editing careers in print or digital publication. You’ll collaborate with your peers on college magazine Echo and learn how to publish a glossy magazine in print and online. Your portfolio will reflect a broad understanding of contemporary magazine production practices.

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Multimedia Journalism – News and Features (with sports option), BA

Chicago and its many diverse neighborhoods provide a dynamic backdrop for you to begin your reporting career. In this writing-intensive concentration, you’ll learn how to report and write about public affairs issues across platforms, from deadline news to in-depth analysis. You’ll take advanced courses in investigative journalism, sports reporting and political reporting. You’ll have the opportunity to work on our award-winning student newspaper, the Columbia Chronicle.

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Multimedia Photojournalism, BA


As a Multimedia Photojournalism student at Columbia, you’ll learn how to tell a compelling visual story—whether it’s captured with a DSLR camera or a smartphone. This program incorporates photography, video, audio and web development in addition to journalistic reporting and writing. You’ll learn to work on deadline and how to find, follow, capture and file your stories. By the time you graduate, you’ll be a skilled digital journalist with a visually compelling body of work.

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Public Relations, BA


Through a variety of practical courses, you’ll hone your PR skills, learning how to engage the public, shape perceptions, and develop campaign strategies for real clients.

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Radio, BA


Columbia’s nationally recognized radio program emphasizes innovation and creativity in contemporary radio, including streaming and web-based platforms in a multimedia environment. You’ll develop your unique voice on our award-winning radio station, WCRX-FM, and sample electives like sportscasting, voiceover, audio theatre, documentary, radio storytelling and club-DJ mixing. We also offer a Second Bachelor of Arts program for students who already have a degree from an accredited institution.

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Social Media and Digital Strategy, BA


Columbia’s Social Media and Digital Strategy major is where digital content and marketing meet social media platforms. As a graduate of this dynamic new program, you’ll be valuable to companies and brands in the arts, media, entertainment, fashion, retail, startups, nonprofits, government agencies and a growing number of industries. You’ll produce creative content for Snapchat, Instagram and video platforms, and you’ll use social media to communicate with consumers. Here, you’ll learn about the business and strategic aspects of social media.

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Creative Advertising Minor


The advertising industry needs innovative, digital-savvy creative thinkers and doers in ad management, strategy, copywriting, art direction and production. Columbia’s 18-credit Creative Advertising minor is designed for students studying ad art direction, graphic design, creative writing, marketing, cinema, television, photography and management who want to better understand advertising and develop more marketable skills to work directly with an ad agency, partner with ad industry pros and better self-market an emerging brand.

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Journalism Minor


Explore an interest in journalism and discover more career options and freelance opportunities with a journalism minor. It’s a great fit if you’re studying fashion, management, public relations, graphic design and nonfiction. The program focuses on the fundamentals of writing and reporting and teaches you how to use technology and social media in the service of good journalism. The Journalism minor will help you become a better writer and digital storyteller, as well as a more sophisticated news consumer.

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Public Relations Minor


Public relations professionals must learn to succeed in today’s 24/7 digital news and social media environment. Columbia’s 18-credit PR minor helps you understand, manage and produce focused, timely and action-oriented communications for audiences including news media, consumers, employees and the public at large. This minor is well suited to students studying fashion, marketing, theatre or management and those interested in developing skills to work with PR professionals or better self-market an emerging brand

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Radio Minor


No matter what your major, Columbia’s Radio minor can help prepare you for a multimedia future in radio and audio media. You’ll create a body of general and specialized work to enhance your Student Portfolio upon graduation

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Voiceover Minor


The minor in Voiceover provides students with the skills and knowledge required for the art and practice of voiceover copy interpretation and performance. This minor provides basic skills in the appropriate and effective communication of information. Students learn to interpret, mark and deliver text for commercials, animation, film narration, audiobooks, eLearning, Internet entertainment, training videos, mobisodes, webisodes, tour audio and more.

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