On-Air Staff

WCRX-FM is a professionally run radio station staffed by students of the Columbia College Chicago Radio Department who have taken prerequisite course work prior to working at the station.

Each semester a new group of students sign up for a semester long practicum where they meet every week to build on their training and develop their skills.


Greg McElrath

Greg McElrath   

Monday 11am - 3pm

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Josh Winchester    

Monday 3pm-7pm

Josh hails from the western suburbs. Besides having a passion for radio, he is a fan of comic books, science fiction movies and engages in cosplay. Some of his favorite music genres include jazz, blues, swing and big band. Josh is on the air every Monday from 3pm to 7pm.



Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas "M.J" "R.A.W Mondays"

Monday 7pm-9pm

Listen every Monday for Real Authentic Works (R.A.W) music focusing on hip-hop, R&B, and old school artists making a contribution to society while making their dreams come true. The show features interviews and performances from the 90's to today! M.J keeps you updated with the latest on individuals making positive contributions in Chi-town!

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Johnny Chops 

Tuesday 11am-3pm

John Skordas also known as "Johnny Chops" is a long time Chicago guy. When not playing some of Chicago's hottest tracks on the radio he can be found in the standing room section of the United Center cheering on the Blackhawks or at the establishment down the street watching games on TV. An avid music aficionado, Johnny 's collection spans fron Little Richard to Notorious B.I.G and nearly everything in-between. Catch Johnny on WCRX every Tuesday from 11am to 3pm. 

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Justin Leoni

Tuesday 3pm-7pm

chris jay

Chris Jay "No chill on the mic"

Tuesday 7pm-10pm

Every Tuesday evening Chris plays tons of underground hip-hop tracks and more. Plus don't miss his "take a seat" segment where he comments on some of the things going on in the scene and keeps it real. 


Jade Hardy

Wednesday 7am-11am

Jade has the hottest tracks to rid you of your morning blues plus don't miss her "gossip goodie bag" segment where she has all the 411 on everything social media and what's trending. She also takes you back with the 90's at 9! 


Paris Monee Lemon     

Wednesday 11am-3pm

You may remember Paris from the "Sophisticated Genres" show on Saturdays. She has moved over to Wednesday midday. She has the noon mix and lays down the top tracks you want to hear every Wednesday.



not pictured

Tyler Bravo     

Wednesday 3pm-7pm

Hey. i'm Tyler Bravo. I'm a senior at Columbia College Chicago. I hope to be on-air or produce radio and do voice overs for a living. I am getting my feet wet at WCRX and am also a production intern with the Mancow show. That's a little about me, now tell me about you as I join you every Wednesday 3pm to 7pm on WCRX.


abigail nelson

Abby Nelson  "Nells at Night"

Wednesday 7am-11am

Abby is from Cincinnati, OH and loves radio.   In her spare time, she loves to discover new music, attending live performances and cooking.  Every Wednesday she accompanies you with a mix of the hottest 90s and more!



Not Pictured

Andrew Smith     

Thursday 3pm-7pm

Andrew is a senior radio arts major at Columbia College Chicago. His love for radio lies in the field of comedy podcasts. Some of his favorite podcasts include Improve4Humans, How Did This Get Made? and Professor Blastoff. Andrew's career goal is to become a rich comedian. His life goal is to become appealing to women. Outside of radio, Andrew makes rock and roll music under the name "Jungle H. Green" and has had the pleasure of opening numerous shows for his favorite group "Foxygen". You can hear Andrew every Thursday from 11am to 3pm on WCRX.



Michael Obreki

Rachelle French  

Thursday 3pm-7pm

Rachelle was born and raised in the corn fields of Yorkville, Illinois. She moved to Chicago after high school graduation and fell in love with the big city. She's always had passion for music, writing and connecting with people so radio was the perfect avenue for her. Rachelle loves Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash and everything in between. Catch her on your way home from 3pm to 7pm on Thursdays on WCRX.



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Krista-nia Williams    

Friday 11am-3pm

Krista-Nia is a 23 year old mother Chicago native and a student at Columbia College Chicago. She loves tie-dye, sandals, and big hair! She invites you to kick off your weekend with her every Friday from 11am to 3pm on WCRX!




Alexis Osborne 

Friday  3pm-7pm

Music is therapy for Alexis. Her favorite artists are J.Cole, Brandy and Kendrick Lamar. She spins all three and some of your favorite artists too every Friday afternoon on WCRX!



Krishanna Stephenson

Tom Okkema   

Production assistant summer semester



not pictured

Siebron Mallard

Production assistant summer semester