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Aaron Staton

Mad Man Aaron Staton

With the long awaited return of AMC’s ‘Mad Men' for its fifth season, George The Greek talks with actor Aaron Staton, who plays Ken Cosgrove on the show.  George talks about what to expect in the upcoming season, his role and a whole lot more.


Kids These Days

Kids These Days

WCRX-FM's Tom Moran sits down with one of Chicago's hottest new bands 'Kids These Days'.  They talk about skipping Prom for a gig,  performing at Lollapolooza, meeting Conan O'Brien and working on their new album co-produced by Wilco's frontman Jeff Tweedy.


Mr. Domino

The Story of Mr. Domino and The Numero Group

At seventeen, Mr. Domino found himself with a record deal and a single climbing the charts. Then, life threw him a few curve balls, forcing his musical aspirations to be placed on the shelf. 

Those dreams sat on the shelf for 35 years until one special phone call from a Chicago reissue label called The Numero Group. Domino answered with no reservations.

WCRX's Nick Myers produced this audio postcard.