A+D Gallery

Arti Sandu

Modern Living


Marlene Lipinski

Douglas Fir: Olympic National Forest, Washington


oil on canvas over panel, six panels

26 X 16 inches


Louise LeBourgeois

Water #423

Imagine Everywhere: 4th Annual Faculty Exhibition

Organized by Jennifer Murray

Closing reception, September 9th, 5-8 pm

Imagine Everywhere is about the strategies, visions and horizons that artists offer in response to the forces of globalization.  The term is used in various ways: it may mean free market policies or the Internet revolution, the dominance of western ways of living or a global integration of lifestyles. In each case, “Globalization” signals cultural change and the emergence of new imaginative forms. As image producers, artists confront the challenges of Globalization as they address issues of representation, history and economic survival. The artworks in Imagine Everywhere work in various ways to champion, contest, interrogate, or reverse the trends marked by “Globalization.” What they have in common is a commitment to new, artistic and imaginative forms of envisioning global community. Exhibiting artists include Whitney Huber and David Follmer, Louise LeBourgeois, Marlene Lipinski, Marilyn Propp, Arti Sandhu, and Miklos Simon.