A+D Gallery

Running Room

Curated by ACRE

June 23 – July 20, 2011

Opening Reception: June 23rd, 5-8 pm

Based on Karl Kraus’s notion of allowing an idea, place, material, object enough wiggle room to change--encouraging an active détournement-- we allow others to experience the detourned phenomenon in a new way.  If allowed running room, a sculpture can become a prop for performance, a film can be transformed by its very viewing, an artwork can become its audience and vice versa.  Running Room at A+D Gallery will be a physical space for social interaction and a conceptual space for redefining the purpose of the “exhibition.”  Through Running Room, by way of four curated events and the construction of a large (and changeable) amphitheater, the exhibition space will be turned into an arena.  Documentation of these events will then be brought back to the gallery, through photographs, video, and ephemera, physically activating the arena.

Contributing artists include Adam Farcus, Alexander Stewart, Erik Peterson, and Madeleine Bailey.