A+D Gallery

Exquisite Gallery

June 26- July 27, 2014

Opening Reception: June 26, 5-8 PM

Plural will transform A+D Gallery into a 1,350 square foot canvas for experimentation. Akin to the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, the gallery will transform from week to week, employing art, graphic design, architecture, installation, interactivity, music, and performance. One of four collaborators from Plural will guide a week with only one rule: that the following week will have a tie to the previous week.  The gallery space will be an ever-changing creative lab for the generation of ideas and exploration.

WEEK 1 and June 26 Opening Night Reception

Courtesy and Tarnation will perform live at the opening night reception.

For the remainder of the week, Plural¹s Alexa Viscius will combine music and image by way of a collaborative music video project with Courtesy. 

Alexa Viscius is a visual artist/ designer who has been working for Plural since graduating from UIC in 2011.

Courtesy is an experimental music trio originally formed in Memphis, TN some time in 2009, who have since relocated to Chicago. They continue to explore sound through tape manipulation and collage, the studio as an instrument, and the limits of a traditional 3-piece rock band.

Tarnation is an experimental sextet of multi-instrumentalists. Originally formed to create a film score, the collective continues to take acinematic approach to music. Tarnation is: Alex Beam, samples, synth; Carlos Chavarria, reeds and percussion; Ryan Horten, guitar and percussion; Jason Ogawa, keyboard and percussion; Hadeem Ron, guitar and percussion; and Oscar Rivera, percussion.


Thursday, July 10, 5-8 PM

Renata Graw and Charlie O'Geen's collaborative efforts will be presented 

Renata Graw is a founder and partner at Plural.She is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  She holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the Pontiícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and an MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently, she is serving as vice president for AIGA/Chicago.

Charlie O'Geen lives in Detroit and works on full-scale architectural and building experiments. His work involves architectural investigations that respond directly to the conditions of a specific site and often utilize found objects as building materials. 


Thursday, July 17, 5-8 PM

Cameron Brand will host a reception after a week using the gallery space as a meditation on slowness, with mindfulness of complexity and disregard for the computer as a tool, which is otherwise his primary platform for creation.  

Cameron Brand is a developer / intermedia artist / musician from Chicago who has been collaborating with Plural since 2009. Cameron graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011, where he is also the New Media Arts lab specialist.


Thursday, July 24, 5-8 PM

For the final week of Exquisite Gallery, Bitchin Bajas and Pair will collaborate in the gallery space, with a presentation of their efforts.

Bitchin Bajas is an experimental/ ambient trio based in Chicago and includes Cooper Crain (CAVE) Rob Frye (CAVE/Flux Bikes) and Dan Quinlivan (Mahjongg)


Pair is the audio/visual duo of Marta Sofia Honer (Quartet Datura) and Jeremiah Chiu (Deep Sleep/Axis:Sova/ Chandeliers/Icy Demons) whose performances engulf the audience in a sensory journey.

Jeremiah Chiu is the co-founder of Plural and an active experimental artist/ musician in Chicago.