A+D Gallery

The Birth of Feminism Movie Poster, 2001- 2012

Guerrilla Girls stickering

Where are the Women Artists of Venice?, 2005

Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls, in the Artworld and Beyond

Curated by Neysa Page-Lieberman

March 1 - April 21, 2012

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The Guerrilla Girls exhibition goes on tour this fall. Contact Neysa Page-Lieberman for more information.

March 1st:
Public Recption, 5-8 pm, A+D Gallery and Glass Curtain Gallery

Public Conversation, 6 - 7 pm, The Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash, 1st floor
Neysa Page-Leiberman, Exhibition Curator and Director, Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces and Jane M. Saks, Executive Director, Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media, will be in conversation and conduct an audience Q&A with the Guerrilla Girls.

Presented at both Glass Curtain Gallery and A+D Gallery at Columbia College Chicago this exhibition of Guerrilla Girls, a major presentation of the collective, illuminates and contextualizes the important past and ongoing work of these highly original, provocative and influential artists who champion feminism and social change. A selection of the group’s most iconic campaigns and actions from the 80’s and 90’s foregrounds their most daring and rarely seen international projects, which trace the Guerrilla Girls' artistic and activist influence around the globe. The exhibition’s installations are punctuated by documentary material including ephemera from famous actions, behind-the-scenes photos and secret anecdotes that reveal the Guerrilla Girls’ process and the events that drive their incisive institutional interventions. Visitors can peruse the artists’ favorite “love letters and hate mail,” drawn from almost three decades of humorous, heart-warming and shocking communications, and are invited to contribute their own views to an interactive wall installation. This multimedia, expansive exhibition illustrates that the work of the anonymous, feminist-activist Guerrilla Girls is as vital and revolutionary as ever.

Spanning two galleries, artwork is organized by theme: Glass Curtain Gallery features work related to the visual artworld of museums and galleries, and A+D Gallery focuses on work "beyond" this spectrum including film, politics, and feminism.

This exhibition is part of a college-wide year-long program organized by the Department of Exhibitions and Performance Spaces and the Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women and Gender in the Arts and Media at Columbia College Chicago, of which the Guerrilla Girls are one of the 2011-2012 Fellows.