A+D Gallery

Compassionate Action Enterprises


Laura Davis and Paul Melvin Hopkin


Work With Me: 5th Art + Design Faculty Exhibition

Organized by Jennifer Murray

August 11- September 17, 2011 
Public Reception and Art Walk: September 8th, 5-8 pm

Collaboration is a process where two or more people or groups work together to realize a shared goal.  More than the intersection of ideas, true collaboration is a deep, collective investigation of a common endeavor.  Work With Me highlights the collaborative process through a representation of strategies, methodologies or discursive practices.

Participating artists include Laura Davis and Paul Hopkin; Compassionate Action Enterprises; Whitney Huber and Delmore Lazar; Industry of the Ordinary; Sabina Ott and Alison Rhoades; Petra Probstner, Miklos Simon, and Gyorgy Orban;  Evan Ward, Glenn Wexler, and Mary Martin; Jim Zimpel and essayist Ames Hawkins.