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Department Requirements

Here is where you will find information on any technology related requirements that your department has in place to get you through your program. This is an evolving collaboration which we hope will continue to grow into all the academic departments here at Columbia College to make things easier for new and continuing students, as well as parents, staff, and faculty . As a testament to this mission we invite any suggestions from all student, faculty or staff to let us know what we can do to better assist you in this aim via email at computerstore@colum.edu

Cinema Art + Science:

As you will find during your transition to Columbia, the Cinema Art + Science department has a program put in place to help make the student experience consistent and effective by requiring specific computer hardware and software for all incoming students for the Film Foundations program.
As of Fall 2013 the department recomends a 15" Macbook Pro with the following specifications.

2.0GHz Intel Core i7 Quad-core Processor
8GB RAM 1600MHz
256GB HD
Intel Iris Graphics

After you have talked to your advisors we strongly urge all students to contact or stop by the Computer Store so that we can further assist you in making sure you get the best price and the right equipment.

More info here: Cinema Art + Science Department



This Fall 2013 the TV Department will be requiring all incoming students to purchase a portable hard drive with firewire 800 ports, and a 500GB capacity or higher. This hard drive will be used to both edit from, and store your projects which is why the department requires the drive to have these specifications.

No computer related requirements are set in stone as of yet, but if your student is in the market for a new computer please consider the following:

- Students will be using Apple software which only runs on Mac computers.

-Once you reach your advanced level courses you will be using software that requires discrete graphics cards that are only found on specific models. So if you want the computer to last the duration of your program, and intend on having the capability of running the editing software on your machine instead of using the labs, you would need to stay with either a desktop (iMac, Mac Pro) or laptop (15" MacBook Pro) that supports your needs.

More info here: TV Department



For this Fall 2013 semester, the Radio Department will be highly recommending all incoming students to have a MacBook Pro. In addition to the hardware, students are also strongly advised to purchase specific software for their Mac.

Recommended Mac minimum specifications:

2.5GHz Intel Core i5
4GB RAM 1600MHz
500GB HD 5400-rpm
Intel Graphics HD 4000

Recommended Software:

-Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) or equivalent
-Adobe Audition CS 6
-AVID Pro Tools 10

Although it is not required, students are strongly encouraged to consider purchasing the Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite instead of the individual Adobe Audition CS 6 title. Throughout the students studies the use of video editing software will be incorporated. The Production Premium package includes these video editing applications along with Audition, and helps the student cut costs by taking advantage of bundled pricing.

You may also want to consider the Adobe Master Collection over Production Premium as it would also include software in which you can create your own website. This can be a great advantage upon entering the workforce!

More info here: Radio Department



As if June 2013 the Music Department is recommending a 13" or a 15" MacBook Pro for students with the following minimum specifications.

Recommended Mac minimum specifications:

13" or 15" with 2.5GHz Intel Core i5
4GB RAM 1600MHz
500GB HD 5400-rpm
Intel Graphics HD 4000
CD/DVD Drive

More info here: Music Department Recommendations