Thesis Submission Policy

All theses produced to fulfill graduation requirements and recorded on the student's college transcript will be housed in the College Archives located in the Columbia College Chicago Library

Thesis Submission Guidelines

Theses must conform to the following guidelines:

Each thesis is to be submitted in whatever format is customary for the field. If a thesis is typed, it is to be submitted in paper form. Media and digital copies accompanying the paper thesis will enhance use and its presence will be recorded in the catalog record.

  • The cover page is to follow the model illustrated below for all theses. It is essential that the author's name and department be present. The author's name should appear as it does on the college diploma.
  • The thesis must be an official copy with the original signatures of faculty thesis advisors appearing on the cover page. The official thesis should be clean and not marked with comments and corrections.
  • A 25-50 word abstract describing the content of the thesis should accompany the work.
  • For typed theses, a 1.5 inch left margin is required to allow for library binding.
  • Three-dimensional objects and original artwork are not included in the Library thesis collection. Students submitting theses with such components are asked to submit photographs of the object along with the thesis.
  • Media components accompanying written theses, such as CDs, cassette tapes, 35mm slides, DVDs, CD-ROMs or other programs are accepted as appendices to the main text document. Such appendices are required to be clearly labeled and described and include application program specifications in paper text form. Individuals should be aware that some media formats are non-permanent and may become obsolete over time.
  • The thesis is to be turned in to the student's departmental office prior to graduation. That office will then transfer the thesis to the Library.
  • A signed copy of the Thesis Reproduction Permission Statement must be signed by the student in order for College staff to photocopy the thesis in whole or in part for personal use by researchers. This form must be bound within written theses and must accompany the thesis in any format when transferred to the Library.