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Critical Encounters: The Archive
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Critical Encounters: The Archive

Critical Encounters is a college-wide initiative intended to synchronize conversations between the school and the community, in an ongoing dialogue, around a central, socially and culturally relevant issue, each academic year.

The purpose of Critical Encounters is to further enhance Columbia College’s commitment to civic engagement by inviting students, faculty and staff to explore and reflect upon the chosen issue so that we better understand the impact of that issue in relation to our role as artists, communicators, and medial makers; as those who shape public perception and author the culture of our times.

In addition, Critical Encounters will stand as a vehicle by which the community may also benefit from the conversations and reflections in ways they identify as particularly relevant to them. Critical Encounters strives to be a non-hierarchical collective, cooperative and collaborative effort toward ethical reciprocity between community and the academy. In other words, Critical Encounters seeks to stand as a tangible model for effective civic engagement at the college-level; it is both an implication and explication that the community is a part of the mission of Columbia College.

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Rights, Radicals, and Revolutions

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Image and Implication

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