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Columbia College Chicago
Poverty & Privilege
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Poverty & Privilege

“If you have come to help me
You are wasting your time.
But if you have come
Because your liberation
is bound up with mine
Then let us work together.”
  –Aboriginal Activist Group, Queensland Australia

In the 2007-08 academic year, Columbia College Chicago chose Poverty & Privilege as its Critical Encounters theme.  Faculty, students, staff, and community partners developed programming and curricular activities to move our campus and our community to challenge simplistic ideas of poverty and privilege. We initiated conversations about the tangible and intangible implications and ramifications of generally accepted  concepts.  We engaged our campus and community in discussions around ideas of personal and political access to healthcare, education, employment, housing, and entrepreneurship; and how poverty and privilege affect our sense of identity, spirituality, artistry, culture, and choice.  We immersed our students, faculty, staff, and community in programs, classes, performances, and exhibits to encourage dialogue and thoughtful reflection on critical issues that affect us as individuals and as citizens of the world.