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Musical Theater and Dance

Musical Theater and Dance

Definition of Style

Musical theater and dance cover a wide area of artistic expression, including musical comedy, ensemble and solo dance works, vaudeville, and the big-budget Broadway musicals of the middle of the century. Twentieth-century musical theater and dance styles show the tremendous influence of black performers, composers, directors, and producers. In the late nineteenth-century, the cakewalk, a black American social dance, became the first nationwide dance craze adopted by both black and white audiences. In Dahomey, the 1903 musical by Bert Williams and George Walker, became the first major stage work created entirely by black writers, composers, and performers. Later in the century, black dancers founded companies such as the Negro Dance Group (1931), First American Negro Ballet (1937), and the Dance Theatre of Harlem (1969), while soloists such as Pearl Primus became superstars on Broadway. Other examples of musical theater from the middle of the century include Sissle and Blake's Shuffle Among, which yielded hit songs such as "I'm Just Wild About Harrry" and "Love Will Find a Way," and Fats Waller's Hot Chocolates, an ambitious Broadway musical that spawned the songs, "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Black and Blue."

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