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CBMR Travel Grants

The CBMR awards Travel Grants to assist with transportation costs and subsistence expenses for a five-day research residency at the CBMR Library and Archives to support research in the study and performance of black music repertoire.

CBMR Faculty Fellowship

The Center for Black Music Research (CBMR) Faculty Fellowship recognizes that black music (broadly conceived) is a powerful locus and generator of expressive culture across disciplines, practices, history and geography. The CBMR has been documenting, creating, and disseminating information about the black music experience worldwide since 1983. The holdings of its Library and Archives cover all idioms of black music of the United States and the African diaspora. Collections include books, periodicals, sound recordings in several formats, printed music, photographs and videotapes, manuscripts and archival materials, and a comprehensive collection of theses and dissertations on black music. While the CBMR has developed successful fellowship programs and opportunities (including multiple rounds of Rockefeller Residential Research Fellowships and an ongoing Travel-to-the-Collections grant program), this is its first fellowship designated specifically for Columbia College faculty. It is designed to support a faculty or staff member who is currently working on or is interested in creating a project that would benefit from interaction with CBMR materials, research expertise, and other resources and to generate projects that model cross-disciplinary scholarship, teaching, and/or creative practice.

The Center for Black Music Research Faculty Fellowship Initiative is generously funded through the Provost’s Office.

Fellowship Overview

One fellowship will be awarded per academic year, each to last two semesters (strong preference given to fall/spring). Fellows will pursue significant new or continuing scholarly and/or creative projects the result of which could take the form of, for example, new curricula; digital or traditional publications, tools or apps, and/or a public program or event (exhibition, symposium, performance, etc.) designed and hosted in collaboration with CBMR staff, among other possibilities. Preference will be given to projects that

  • creatively disregard or problematize the theory/practice divide or that grapple with the connection between scholarship and art making;
  • have a strong and thoughtful student engagement component;
  • model collaborative and/or cross-disciplinary work;
  • feature in-depth, sustained, and creative use of CBMR resources.

The recipient of the CBMR Faculty Fellowship will receive one course release each fall and spring semester of the fellowship year. To support their work, CBMR faculty fellows will also receive a stipend beyond their base salary of up to $5K for the academic year, work space and office resources at the CBMR, and CBMR staff support as appropriate (research, reference, administrative, programmatic).

All full time Columbia College faculty are eligible to apply.

Application and Review

Complete electronic applications should be mailed to cbmr.contact@colum.edu (please cite CBMR Faculty Fellowship in the subject field) by February 1 and should include the following:

  • Project Description (not to exceed two pages), including scope, schedule for completion, and an explanation of the collaborative and/or cross disciplinary nature of the project;
  • Plan for qualitative student involvement and community engagement;
  • Statement of endorsement by the applicant’s department chair;
  • One-page itemized budget
  • CV and bio

The review of applications will be conducted by a selection committee which will include the CBMR executive director, the previous year’s fellow, two members representing Columbia (at least one faculty), and one member external to the college. The committee will review the application based on its viability, budget appropriateness, contribution to the field and campus, and use of CBMR resources. Final appointment confirmation will be made by the Provost and decisions will be announced no later than April 1.

CBMR Fellow Responsibilities

Once chosen, the CBMR Faculty Fellow will develop a detailed plan for her or his term, in consultation with the CBMR executive director and other appropriate staff. While the details of individual plans may vary considerably, each CBMR Faculty Fellow will:

  • Maintain a highly engaged and visible presence on campus;
  • Complete work or project as agreed upon;
  • Plan and implement at least one Columbia College community engagement event;
  • File brief interim and final reports that detail the progress/results of the fellowship project;
  • Acknowledge the fellowship where appropriate. The fellow’s own professional materials (website, CV, bios, etc.) should list the Center for Black Music Research Faculty Fellowship. Publications, programs, or other items that result in part or in their entirety from the fellowship must include this statement: “This [publication/performance/project] was supported by a Faculty Fellowship awarded by the Center for Black Music Research of Columbia College Chicago.”
  • Copies of any documents (publications, programs, recordings, syllabi, etc.) or documentation of any performance or exhibit that result from the fellowship must be filed with the CBMR Library and Archives.
  • Serve on the selection committee the year after their fellowship.

Rockefeller Resident Fellowships

During 1995–2006, the CBMR awarded eighteen fellowships based on competitive applications. The fellows focused on individual research topics and delivered public lectures. Some of them traveled to remote research sites and cultural centers that were pertinent to their particular research topics.

More than forty visiting scholars from around the world, representing a number of disciplines in the humanities, collaborated with the fellows during special reserach colloquia. Nearly 100 books, articles, and conference papers, all resulting from research done by the fellows during their CBMR residencies, have been published or presented at scholarly conferences.

The CBMR is the only organization to have won three cycles of Resident Fellowships in the Humanities by the Rockefeller Foundation. Funding from the Rockefeller Foundation for fellowships in the humanities is no longer available.

The CBMR Rockefeller Resident Fellowships:

  • 1995–96: Music and the Other Expressive Arts: Relationships and Implications
    Fellows: Johann Buis, Danille Taylor-Guthrie
  • 1996–97: Music in the Black Diaspora: Focus on Latin-American, Caribbean, and U.S. Connections
    Fellows: Robin Moore, Gerhard Kubik and Moya Malamusi
  • 1997–98: Modes of Integrative Inquiry
    Fellows: Julia Foulkes, Helen Walker-Hill
  • 1998–99: In the Spirit of Paul Robeson: International Scholarship in Music
    Fellows: James Hall, Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers
  • 1999–2000: International Scholarship and the Black Expressive Arts
    Fellow: Sterling Stuckey
  • 2000–01: International Scholarship and the Black Expressive Arts
    Fellows: Oliver Greene, Julio Cesar de Sousa Tavares
  • 2003–04: Researching the Circum-Caribbean
    Fellows: Kenneth Bilby, Dominique Cyrille
  • 2004–05: Researching the Circum-Caribbean
    Fellows: Timothy Rommen, Rebecca Sager
  • 2005–06: Researching the Circum-Caribbean
    Fellows: Yvonne Daniel, Ivor Miller

CBMR Fellows

  • 2000: Hollis Liverpool*
  • 2001: Marcello Piras

*Funded in part by The David R. and Roberta Rubin Visiting Artists and Scholars Fund of Columbia College Chicago