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Cariso! was the newsletter of the Alton Augustus Adams Music Research Institute in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. It published six issues during 2003-2006. Some of the most significant articles from each issue are listed below; click on the underlined dates to view the issues in PDF format.

2003 Summer
  • Simmonds-Esannason, Ruby. “Another Sound of the V.I. Voice: The Music of Cyril F. W. Creque.” 1–6.
Cariso Journal2004 Spring
  • Clendinen Watson, Monique. ‘Cariso Chronicles: The Original Music.” 5–8.
  • Cyrille, Dominique. ‘Dance Competition, Tradition, and Change in the Commonwealth of Dominica.” 12, 8–11.
2005 Summer
  • Hassell-Habtes, Lois. “‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ and Other Game Songs of the U.S. Virgin Islands.” 10–11.
  • Rommen, Timothy. ‘Localize It: Some Reflections on Rock Music in Trinidad.” 16, 12–15.
2005 Winter
  • Bilby, Kenneth. “Christmas with the Ancestors: Jonkonnu and Related Festivities in Jamaica.” 1–5, 9.
2006 Issue 5
  • Sager, Rebecca. “Letter from a CBMR Resident Rockefeller Fellow.” 14, 10–13.
2006 Issue 6
  • Daniel, Yvonne. “Come with Me and Let”s Talk about Caribbean Quadrilles.” 12, 6–11.