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Kalinda! was the newsletter for the Center's Project Kalinda, home of Ensemble Kalinda Chicago. It featured articles on folk and popular music from all regions of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Some of the most significant articles from each issue are listed below; click on the underlined dates to view the issues in PDF format.

1994 Summer

  • Cohen, Joel. “Nueva España: Close Encounters in the New World, 1590–1690.” 7–8.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Indecent Kalinda.” 1–3.

Kalinda Journal1995 Spring

  • Arias, Enrique Alberto. “The Negrito in Colonial Latin America.” 4–5.
  • Flores, Carlos. “Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.” 14, 12–13.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Latin and Caribbean Recordings Held at the CBMR Library.” 5–11.
1995 Summer
  • Millington, Janice. “The Crop-Over Festival: Twenty Years of Cultural Development in Barbados.” 14, 12–13.
  • Snyder, Jared M. “Pumping and Scraping: Accordion Music in the Caribbean.” 6–8.
1995 Fall
  • Bloch, Peter. “The Puerto Rican Plena.” 2–3.
  • Flores, Carlos. “From Bomba to Hip-Hop.” 5–6.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Lascivious Lundu.” 7–9.
  • Washburne, Christopher. “Clave: The African Roots of Salsa.” 14, 10–13.
1996 Spring
  • Dufrasne-Ganzalez, J. Emanuel. “Puerto Rico También Tiene . . . ¡Tambó!" 4–5.
  • Washburne, Christopher. “Clave: The African Roots of Salsa.” 14, 7–11.
1996 Winter
  • Carlson-Leavitt, Joyce. “Chiquinha Gonzaga: Mulatta Originator of Forerunners of the Samba.” 1–7.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “The Many Journeys of the Habanera.” 14, 12–13.
1997 Fall
  • Flores, Carlos. “In Memory of Ismael Rivera 'El Sonero Mayor' (1931–1987).” 9–11.
  • Ford, Stan. “The Panpipe Tradition of the Solomon Islands: A Musical Gold Mine Waiting to be Discovered.” 1, 4–7.
  • French, Frank. “In Search of the Son Cubano.” 12–13, 21.
  • Malamusi, Moya Aliya. “Two Panpipe Ensemble Traditions: Comments on the Video by Nigel Haslam 'Panpipe Traditional Music of 'Are'are Lagoon from the Solomon Islands,' as Compared to the Panpipe Ensemble of Sakha Bulaundi from Malawi.” 24, 22–23.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Review: Africamerica, no. 3 (October 1994).” 7–8.