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Lenox Avenue Back Issues
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Lenox Avenue Back Issues

The following back issues of the Lenox Avenue can be purchased using the CBMR Publications Order Form.

Vol. 5 (1999)

"Editor's Preface," by Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
"Pair of Figures for Eshu: Doubling of Consciousness in the Work of Kerry James Marshall and Nathaniel Mackey," by Paul Hoover
"Precious Northern Landscapes and a Lyric South: Exploring Context as a Tenet of Interarts Inquiry," by Farah Jasmine Griffin
"Jungle Dances," by Julia Foulkes
"The Ancestral Sacred Creative Impulse of Africa and the African Diaspora: Àse, the Nexus of the Black Global Aesthetic," by Marta Moreno Vega
"The Narrative Moment," by Lawrence Kramer
"Purposive Patterning: Jeff Donaldson, Muhal Richard Abrams, and the Multidominance of Consciousness," by George E. Lewis
"Stark-Strangled Banjos: Linguistic Doubleness in the Work of David Hammons, Harryette Mullen, and Al Hibbler," by Paul Hoover
"Between the Works and the Arts: The Integrative Studies Round Table, October 1997 and January 1998," by Bruce Tucker
"Educational Implications of Interarts Inquiry as a Tool for the Analysis of the Black Expressive Arts," by Rosita M. Sands
"Parker at His Peak," by Martin Gray

Vol. 4 (1998)

“Consciousness Redoubled: Music, Race, and Three Riffs on Lenox Avenue,” by Lawrence Kramer
“Integrative Studies and the Speaking Subject in Some African-American Art,” by Bruce Tucker
“Toward a Theory of Diasora Aesthetics,” by Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
“Singing Omar’s Song: A (Re)construction of Great Black Music,” by George E. Lewis
“Poetic, Visual, and Symphonic Interpretations of the Cuban Rumba: Toward a Model of Integrative Studies,” by Robin Moore

Vol. 3 (1997)

“A Note on `The Weary Blues,’” by Cheryl A. Wall
“Editor’s Preface,” by Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
“Steps toward an Integrative Comprehension of the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s Music,” by Norman Weinstein
“Dig They Freedom: Meditations on History and the Black Avant-Garde,” by Robin D. G. Kelley
“Narrative, Extramusical Form, and the Metamodernism of the Art Ensemble of Chicago,” by Bruce Tucker
“Declamations on Great Black Music,” by Jason Berry
“The Art Ensemble of Chicago as Performance Art,” by Allan M. Gordon
“The Art Ensemble of Chicago in Context,” by Michael J. Budds

Vol. 2 (1996)

“William Grant Still, Lenox Avenue, 1937,” by Jon Michael Spencer
“Report on the Integrative Studies Retreat,” by Jeffrey Magee
“Reflections on Joining the Americas: Project Kalinda and the Three Rhetorics,” by George Brandon
“Black Classicism and the Eurocentric Ideal: A Case for the Integrative Inquiry into Black Expressive Arts,” by Rex M. Nettleford
“Ouanga!: An African-American Opera about Haiti,” by Michael Largey

Vol. 1 (1995)

“Lenox Avenue, 1938,” by Allan M. Gordon
“Editor’s Preface,” by Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
“On Integrative Inquiry,” by Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
“The Edited Transcript of the Round Table on Integrative Inquiry”
“Notes upon the Text,” by George Brandon, Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Ronald M. Radano
“An Aesthetic of Blackness—Strange and Oppositional,” by bell hooks
“That Music that Is in One’s Soul: On the Sacred Origins of Jazz and Blues,” by Sterling Stuckey