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Stop-Time was the newsletter for Project Stop-Time, which also produced Ensemble Stop-Time. In addition to news about the project, Stop-Time ran articles about several genres of African-American popular music. Some of the most significant articles from each issue are listed below; click on the underlined dates to view the issues in PDF format.

Stop Time Journal1998 Fall

1999 Spring

  • Ramsey, Guthrie, Jr. “The Celebration Impulse and Project Stop-Time.” 1–3, 5.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Bibliography of Gospel and Religious Music.” 4–5.

1999 Fall

  • Pruter, Robert and Robert L. Campbell. “The Chance Label: Nexus of Doowop and Jazz.” 1–6.
  • Sueiro, Marcos. “Bibliography of Popular Music.” 7–8.

2000 Spring

2000 Fall

  • Ramsey, Guthrie, Jr. “Music and Hip-hop Culture in Theodore Witcher’s Love Jones.” 12, 11.
  • Sengstock, Charles A., Jr. “Chicago Jazz Musicians and Commercial Dance Bands: A Relationship.” 1–5.