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Score Collections

Score Collections

The CBMR Library and Archives has received collections of scores by the composers listed below, among others. These scores are listed in the CBMR database, along with other scores in our general research collection. These may be searched by composer, title, instrumentation, and other fields. Note that some of the other archival collections also contain scores, which are listed in their respective finding aids but not in the CBMR database.

  • Lettie Beckon Alston scores and other material
  • Darrell Andrews scores and other material
  • David Baker scores
  • Ed Bland scores and sound recordings
  • Charles Brown scores
  • Glenn Burleigh scores
  • Warrick L. Carter scores
  • Wallace Cheatham scores
  • Chicago Civic Orchestra 1992 Black Composers Concert scores and sound recordings
  • Collection of Cyril Creque scores and publications
  • Justin Elie scores
  • Akin Euba scores
  • Rachel Eubanks scores
  • Mark Fax scores
  • Anna Gardner Goodwin scores and other materials
  • Eugene Hancock scores
  • Robert A. Harris scores and other materials
  • Aaron Horne collection of woodwind music
  • Robert A. Jones scores
  • Cynthia Cozette Lee scores
  • Wendell Logan scores
  • Dominique-René de Lerma collection of Richard C. Moffat music manuscripts
  • Joyce Solomon Moorman scores
  • Jeffrey Mumford scores and other material
  • Stephen Newby scores
  • James Newton scores and sound recordings
  • Collection of Fred Onovwerosuoke scores
  • Robert Owens scores
  • Zenobia Powell Perry scores
  • Edford Providence scores
  • Malcolm Joseph Solomon* scores and other material (*previously known as Malcolm Rector)
  • Godwin Sadoh scores
  • Jean Stor scores and other materials
  • Howard Swanson scores
  • Collection of Justinian Tamusuza scores
  • Patsy Ford Simms Turner published choral music, and other scores
  • Gregory Walker scores
  • Mary D. Watkins scores
  • Evelyn Davidson White collection of choral music by black composers
  • Delores White scores
  • Kimo Williams scores
  • Collection of Gerald Burks Wilson scores (see Wendell G. Wright sound recordings, scores, and other material)
  • Mike Woods scores and recordings