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Transforming Education through the Arts & Media (TEAM) was an arts integration initiative that focused exclusively on new and digital media. It connected Columbia College Chicago media artists and students with Chicago Public School teachers to create units of study that wove together academics, arts, and technology into curriculum. Though TEAM formally concluded in the Spring of 2015, it informed the work of several other programs at CCAP, impacted over 1200 CPS youth, and helped shape the practice of our teaching partners and artists. We're proud to announce that TEAM will live on through all the ways it engaged participants (watch our project-end TEAM video here), and through a culminating book.


In Media Arts Integration: Reflections from the Field, CCAP illustrates the approach we took with our third Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination grant from the U.S. Department of Education for the TEAM project.

This book describes the ways in which teaching and learning can unfold in the classroom through digital media integration. Essays by teachers and teaching artists, sample lesson plans, and evaluation results paint a picture of what this important work can look like in urban public school classrooms. It also addresses the impact of engaging students in their own learning. Check out a few samples from the book below!

Table of Contents     Introduction     Overview of TEAM

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Program Model

TEAM was rooted in the value of Transliteracy in the 21st Century, recognizing that rising ubiquity and accessibility of all types of media in today’s world means the definition of literacy has changed, and that schools are now being asked to prepare their students to navigate a diverse and crowded digital landscape. As such, TEAM sought to increase student achievement in math and reading; deepen student engagement and motivation; and enhance teachers’ skills in collaboration, technology use, and arts integration. The media arts discipline—including not only film/video, photography, animation, and other technology-mediated art forms, but also the larger frame of digital media, social media, and media literacy—is one that is especially engaging for youth.

TEAM was funded in whole by the U.S. Department of Education through an Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grant, and run in partnership with Chicago Public Schools Technology Magnet School Program.