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Expanded Artist's Books
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Expanded Artist's Books

Fellows: Michelle Citron, Paul Catanese, and Clifton Meador

Note: Paul Catanese's name is mis-spelled in this video.  The CiTE regrets the error and is working to remedy it.

Project Summary: 

The aim of this project is to create works for the iPad to both assess software that we want to use in our class and create an iPad learning environment for our students.  As books rapidly transition to electronic devices, it is important to prepare ourselves and our students for the creation of media on mobile devices. 



The Workshop conversations and critiques of student work engendered important discussions about the relationship of books to the digital. The class was successful in generating artwork and scholarship that advances the discipline of Artist Books.

Read the full assessment paper.

Moving Forward: 

The class provides a template for a semester‐long class that we will offer in the future as well as an important new direction for both the Center for the Book and Paper Arts as well as our MFA curriculum.