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From Files to Form
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From Files to Form

Fellows: Joan Giroux and Joyce Rice

Project Summary:

The original purpose of the project was to develop curriculum and instructional guides for teaching students about using a digital workflow (specifically SketchUp to Pepakura to laser cutter) to create 3D objects in multiples. With this project, we intended to develop assignments, workflow guides, tutorials and instructional resources for applications in different fields (fine art, product, illustration, fashion, architecture, etc.) and to be taught in either a demonstration or workshop setting.


Based on assessment at this point, we are well positioned to move forward infall 2013 and beyond. One critical finding / observation based on research, development and implementation responses is that we need to work with colleagues college-wide to identify and build scaffolding in student digital competencies. We will continue to refine and add to materials we have already created and invite colleagues to contribute to the online resource center.

Read the full assessment paper. 

Going Forward:

Having revised and refined materials based on feedback to this point, we are pitching a 3-day workshop for the general student population in order to further test its strength as a module for the changing landscape of our foundations program in Art + Design. As there may be multiple applications for SketchUp and the technologies investigated in the “From Files to Form” Innovation Fellowship, we are also interested in discussing the possibility of running a version of this course as a CITE workshop.