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Columbia College Chicago
Gamiforming Sketching: Teaching Design Sketching Through Mobile Games.
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Gamiforming Sketching: Teaching Design Sketching Through Mobile Games.

Fellows: Kevin Henry and Bill Guschwan

Project Summary:

The goal of this innovation fellowship was to explore ways of creating a more immersive learning experience for beginning students in the product design program using the iPad and Apple’s recently released software: Ibooks Author.


Game mechanic is knowledge acquisition. Reading, viewing videos, tapping on pictures, etc are all mechanics. If the reader explores every corner, then we can keep track of their journey. What is key to this method of working is the separation of concerns: the game score must exist outside the play of the book. We propose to think of score as akin to index and table of contents. Moving forward will involve continuous revisions to test out these concepts in order to refine the game mechanic and better understand it in the context of reading the emerging ‘gamebook.’

Read the full assessment paper. 

Going Forward:

The next steps will follow those already taken in this project: imagine, build, test, and validate. The cycle we established mirrors aspects of both product and game development. We believe that books are at the very beginning stages of a radical reinvention and given the speed of innovation in the mobile space books will mutate in part based on the evolution of new technologies.