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Columbia College Chicago
Past ETA Recipients
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Past ETA Recipients

Columbia College Chicago Excellence in Teaching
Award Recipients since 1994

Full-Time Recipients:
1994: Pangratios Papacosta (Science and Math)
         and Paulette Whitfield (AEMM)
1995: Randall Albers (Fiction Writing)
1996: Karen Osborne (English)
1997: Beau Beaudoin (Television)
1998: Dianne Erpenbach (AEMM)
1999: Dominic Pacyga (Liberal Education)
         and Jan Ekert (Dance)
2000: Sara Livingston (Television)
         and Shyla McGill (Science and Math)
2001: Andrea Polli (Academic Computing)
2002: Melissa Jay Craig (Book and Paper)
2003: Brian Shaw (Theater)
2004: T.W. Li (Film and Video)
         and Philip Seward (Music)
2005: Paul Amandes (Theater)
2006: Virginia Heaven (Art+Design)
2007: Patricia McNair (Fiction Writing)
2008: Beatrix Budy (Science and Math)
2009: Craig Jobson (Art+Design)
2010: Nami Mun (Fiction Writing)
2011: Susan Mroz (Film & Video)
         and Dominic Pacyga (HHSS)
2012: Lisa Schlesinger (Fiction Writing/Theatre)

Part-Time Recipients:
1994: Jennifer Gritton (Art & Design)
1995: Anne Fancher and Bill Fisher (Marketing Communication)
1996: David Arieti (Science and Math)
1997: Peter Cook (ASL-English Interpretation)
1998: Sanford Angelos (Science & Math)
         and Gloria Lewis (Science & Math)
1999: Phyllis Eisenstein (Fiction Writing)
         and Jeff Gore (English)
2000: Jeff Abell (Interdisciplinary Arts)
         and Joan Dickinson (Interdisciplinary Arts)
2001: Claire Shulman (Fiction Writing)
2002: Brady Carey (English)
2003: Bill Friedman (Photography), Billy Montgomery 
         (Journalism) and Claudia Paraskiv (Film & Video)
2004: Paul Wozniak (Television)
2005: Marya Smith (Liberal Education)
2006: Kris Larsen (Dance Movement Therapy)
2007: David Reminick (Music)
2008: Wendi Weber (Theater)
2009: Susen James (English)
2010: Mimi Rohlfing (Music)
          and Kimberly Senior (Theater)
2011: Michele Hoffman-Trotter (Science & Math)
2012: Steven Teref (English)
         and Susan Tyma (Science & Math)