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In the Classroom
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In the Classroom

Planning an Effective Course

Teaching Goals Inventory

University of Iowa/Angelo and Cross

Preparing to Teach
University of Oregon

Preparing a Course
University of Kansas

Course Design
Stanford University

Designing a Learning-Centered Syllabus
University of Delaware

Course Design
Carnegie Mellon University

Beginning to Teach

First Day of Class
University of Washington

The First Day of Class
University of North Carolina

Preparing to Teach: First Day of Class
University of Kansas

Managing Your Classroom

Teaching Excellence Colloquium
University of California, Berkeley

Managing the Classroom and Relating to Students (PDF)
Penn State University

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom
Harvard University

Motivating Students
University of Oregon

Teaching with Collaborative Activities and Small Groups (PDF)
Penn State University

Promoting Academic Integrity

Columbia College Library Resources for Research
Includes information on citation formats (MLA, APA) and resources to share with students. Will continue to be updated.

The Learning Studio
Brings together support resources for students, including the Writing Center, where tutors can help students with all aspects of the writing process, including citation and use of sources.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University
An extensive array of resources for all aspects of the writing process with materials for students and faculty. Includes information on citation formats; best practices in source use, documentation, and research; guidelines for fair use, etc. Click on “Research and Citation” in the navigation menu.

“Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices.”
From The Council of Writing Program Administrators, this is available as a downloadable PDF. Best practices for faculty, administrators, and students, with good suggestions for crafting assignments.

The Center for Academic Integrity
Many resources are available here, including case studies, academic integrity policies from other institutions, articles, and guidelines for establishing honor codes on campus, etc. Some notable resources accessible from the site:
 “The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity,” detailing the five values (honesty, trust, respect, fairness, responsibility) that sustain academic integrity. Click on Fundamental Values Project from the navigation menu. (Available as a downloadable PDF.)

“Academic Integrity: A Letter to My Students,” by Bill Taylor, Oakton Community College. A letter detailing the mutual responsibilities of the instructor and his students. A good example of introducing and discussing academic integrity as a matter of mutual trust, respect, and responsibility in all aspects of the learning experience. Go to Educational Resources→Articles
“Deterring Plagiarism: Some Strategies”
A useful list of practices from the University of Toronto, though some are more conducive to trust and respect than others and the advice is geared toward writing-intensives courses.

“The Rules of Attribution”

A Chronicle of Higher Education article on plagiarism & copyright, which emphasizes the need to educate students, especially about the gray areas and in a “remix” culture.

Teaching Inclusively

Teaching for Inclusion/Diversity in the College Classroom (PDF)
University of North Carolina

Encouraging Students in a Racially Diverse Classroom
Harvard University

Diversity in the Classroom
University of Colorado at Boulder

Women and Men in the Classroom: Inequality and Its Remedies
Harvard University

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology
University of Oregon

Millennial Teaching
Douglas A. Davis
Teaching for Civic Engagement 
Democracy, Diversity, and Civic Engagement
Johnnella E. Butler

The Community in the Classroom
Gregory Jay

The Community in the Classroom
Academe Online/Wendi A. Maloney

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Research Directory
University of California, Berkeley

Service-Learning Basics (PDF)

University of California, Los Angeles

National Campus Compact
Illinois Campus Compact

National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

The Illinois Civic Engagement Project