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Part-Time Faculty Development Grants

Part-Time Faculty Development Grants

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Please read carefully! Revisions to the guidelines as noted below are effective July 26, 2013.

All applications for the part-time faculty development grant must now be submitted through Moodle. See "Application Procedure" below for detailed instructions.

In accordance with its contract with P-Fac, Columbia College has set aside funds designated to support professional development of the part-time faculty. The Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence, in cooperation with the P-Fac leadership, invites applications from part-time faculty members for funds to support their creative and scholarly endeavors as well as participation in the professional life of their disciplines.

Funds support the following types of expenses:

  • Travel (at most economical rates) for research or presentation at a conference. Faculty must be active participants at conferences, workshops, and other professional meetings, not just attendees.
  • Essential research materials (books, journals, digital resources, lab supplies, software) not available through campus sources.
  • Essential supplies and materials for artistic work (visual and performing arts).
  • Space rental (not at Columbia).
  • Publication costs.
  • NOTE: Payment for services from vendors (film processing, publishing, editing, recording, etc.) must be made directly to the vendors from Columbia College. Please see below for details on the payment procedure.
Funds do not support:
  • Faculty salaries, stipends, or honorariums.
  • Payments to individuals; payments for services must be to vendors. (See below)
  • Routine living expenses during period of work or research.
  • Travel or living expenses for any family members or companions.
  • Any personal items not essential to the specific scholarly or creative endeavor.
NEW! Maximum amounts:  Eligible unit members may request funds up to $1,500.

Terms and conditions:
  • To be eligible, a part-time faculty member must have completed at least one semester of teaching at Columbia College and be in good standing with P-Fac.
  • Grantees must provide a succinct follow-up report to P-Fac and the Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence documenting work accomplished with grant support. Failure to provide this report may adversely affect future grant applications.
  • When appropriate, the faculty member will mention Columbia's support on publications, exhibits, etc.
  • NEW: Receipts for approved expenses must be submitted no later than one month after expenses have been incurred. If a faculty member cannon complete a project within the proposed timeline, a revised timeline must be submitted in writing (preferably by e-mail). If the revised timeline pushes the project completion into the next fiscal year, the faculty member may be asked to resubmit the proposal in a future grant cycle. Failure to complete proposed projects in a timely manner may result in loss of funding (funds do not roll over into the next fiscal year).
  • A faculty member who has received a grant two years in a row will not be eligible for a third year.
Grant cycle and deadlines: 
In light of growing competition for grant funds and in order to ensure an equitable distribution of grants that does not disadvantage proposals submitted later in the academic year, the following grant application deadlines will be in effect beginning Fall 2009.

August 1st;
October 1st;
December 1st;
February 1st (Monday, February 2, for the Spring 2015 semester);
April 1st;
June 1st.

Grants received by or before each deadline will be reviewed all at once as a group and applicants will be notified no later than two weeks after the deadline. The total amount of grant funds will be divided among the six grant cycles.

Grant applications must be for upcoming events or projects (or upcoming work on ongoing projects). Although the event or project does not need to fall within the grant cycle window, if it is more than 5 months ahead of the grant deadline, the application may be pushed into the next grant cycle.

Application procedure:

PLEASE NOTE: All applications for the part-time faculty development grant must now be submitted through Moodle. Before you log in to begin the submission process, please be sure all application materials are saved as a single .PDF file and named with first initial+last name+month and year of grant cycle (for example, skimAUG2013.pdf).

Applicants must submit the following materials to the Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence:
  • A letter of application, providing a brief, but cogent, description of the creative or scholarly project for which they are seeking funds.  The letter should explain what the applicant wishes to accomplish, emphasizing how the project will enhance creativity, scholarship, and/or professional development. NEW: Where applicable, a clear timeline for completion of the proposed project or research must be included.
  • An estimated budget, explaining the specific amount sought and expenses to be covered as well as information about funds to be received from other sources.
  • A current C.V.
  • Any supporting documents (e.g., invitation to a conference, confirmation of exhibition) that will clarify the request.

Instructions for uploading to Moodle:

Go to the Part Time Faculty Development Grant Moodle site by following this link:  http://lms.colum.edu/course/view.php?id=10985&sesskey=hOo9mICzx7

Click “Log In” in the upper right corner of the page.

Log in to Moodle using your OASIS ID and OASIS PASSWORD.

Click “Enroll Me” in order to access the content.

On the front page of the Part Time Faculty Development Grant Moodle site, you will see a section for the current grant cycle. 

Click on the link titled “Application Form” to access the brief questionnaire required for submission.

Click “Answer the Questions” at the bottom of the description.

Fill out the form completely.

Click “Submit Your Answers.”

A confirmation message will be displayed.

Click “Continue.”

You will be directed to the submission portion of the process.

Click “Add Submission.”

Drag and drop your application file in the form of a PDF into the box provided.

Click “Save Changes” once the file has been uploaded and appears in the box.

Click “Submit Assignment” to finalize your application.

Funding and reimbursement procedure:

If a proposal is approved, the applicant will receive an award letter along with instructions for reimbursement or payment.

NEW: For travel expenses, supplies, and materials, follow instructions for the electronic reimbursement process to designate the CiTE Program Manager as "Expense Enterer" and submit original receipts (that specifically note method of payment, and/or $0 balance owed) to the CiTE. All reimbursements will be direct-deposited.

Please Note: travel by personal automobile will be reimbursed by mileage, not gas receipts. Please be as accurate as possible with mileage information.

For services from vendors, a voucher payment request form must be filled out with the vendor's information (including a vendor # or FEIN #) with an invoice or estimate of services to be rendered.  The College will then pay the vendor directly.  The College cannot reimburse faculty members for third party services, so please plan accordingly.

Questions? Please contact Soo La Kim, Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence at skim@colum.edu or 312-369-7643.