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The CTE offers a variety of workshops and seminars devoted to faculty development in the broadest sense. From discussions about best classroom practices to workshops on polishing one’s CV or integrating service learning into the curriculum, our programs aim to address the needs and interests of Columbia’s diverse faculty in their roles as teachers, scholars, artists, and citizens.

In the Classroom
Good teachers never stop learning and never stop asking, "How can I be doing better?" The workshops in this series offer opportunities not only to gain new knowledge about teaching and learning, but also to reflect on what we already do and exchange ideas with colleagues from across the college. While each session provides concrete practices and strategies for classroom use, we also provide ample space to engage in deeper conversations about why we teach and how we enact our core values as teachers in the Columbia College classroom. 

Teacher as Professional
One of Columbia College's distinguishing features is that so many of our faculty are active professionals in their fields. But what does it mean to be a professional teacher in addition to a teaching professional? What do you need to know about preparing a CV or your tenure dossier? Why might a statement of teaching philosophy be useful to have? The following workshops address these questions and more, supporting the continued development of our faculty as higher education professionals.

Civic Engagement
A call to service and a "culture of responsibility" are at the center of the new vision in Washington for "Remaking America." As the nation's largest and most diverse arts, media, and communications school, Columbia has established itself as a leader in creating positive change, and as our mission states, we conduct education in close relationship to a vital urban reality, serving an important civic purpose by active engagement in the life and culture of the city of Chicago. At the Center for Teaching Excellence we translate this mission and "culture of responsibility" into practice, through supporting faculty to ask challenging questions of themselves and their colleagues. By taking either one or the entire series of Civic Engagement workshops, faculty are encouraged to find the space in their curriculum to link to and consider ideas of privilege and race; community development and service; and interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation. The end goal being the preparation of our students as citizens, to actively and effectively serve their communities, solve problems, and connect their work to larger ideas, goals and efforts. 

What the Best College Teachers Do
Inspired by Ken Bain’s book, What the Best College Teachers Do(Harvard, 2004), this four-part series of conversations will explore what works and what does not work to promote authentic learning within and beyond our classrooms at Columbia.  Our purpose is to challenge and support each other to become more reflective and effective practitioners of the art of teaching.  Our approach will be to facilitate dialogue (an open exchange of ideas and questions) about what we do—and what we should do—when we teach, as well as about how we know whether what we do actually helps students learn. 

Master Class Series

Facilitated by Columbia College faculty, this series provides models of excellent teaching at Columbia and a variety of suggestions for classroom practice. With this series, the CTE offers opportunities for Columbia faculty members to make visible the various approaches and current practices they engage in as teachers and learners while sharing with and learning from each other in the spirit of collaborative faculty development. 

Many of our program ideas come from conversations and collaborations with individuals and offices across the college. If you have any questions about our programs or have suggestions for future programs, please contact us at CTE@colum.edu.