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Digital Media Workshops

Digital Media Workshops


Intro Courses

Create Stunning Presentations with Keynote (4-week course)
Amaze your audience with cinema-quality presentations that are easier than ever to create.  Take this workshop to explore how to use the features in Keynote '09 to tell your story effectively and dramatically.  You’ll work with text, graphics, photos, video, audio, and animated effects; you’ll apply 2D and 3D transitions, including the new Magic Move; you’ll make eye-catching charts and tables; and you’ll learn to collaborate with other iWork applications.  By the end of this workshop, you’ll have all of the tools to make a stunning keynote presentation, which you can turn in to the instructor for a $100 stipend. 
Digitizing Analogue Media
Learn how to scan your photos and slides, convert VHS tapes to digital video, and convert analogue audio to digital audio files.
Final Cut Pro X Grabbag
NEW!  Take this one-day workshop to get a brief tour of how Final Cut Pro X has been completely rebuilt from the ground up.  You’ll get a look at the many advanced organizational tools, unique editing techniques, and revolutionary workflow changes of this much talked-about new software. 
Intro to Compressor
NEW!  Ever have a large video file that you’d like to shrink in size, but not in quality?  Take this workshop to learn how to compress files using Apple’s Compressor software.  You’ll learn about compression concepts and how to determine the correct compression settings for any job, including how to compress video for the iPhone, PowerPoint, and the web. 
Intro to Final Cut Pro X (3-Week Course)
NEW!  Final Cut Pro X was completely rebuilt from the ground up, making it extremely different from any previous version of Final Cut Pro.  Take this workshop to learn the many advanced organizational tools, unique editing techniques, and revolutionary workflow changes of this much talked-about new software.

Manage and Edit Your Digital Pictures with iPhoto
iPhoto is a powerful tool for organizing, retouching, and sharing your digital photographs.  You can even make professional slide shows, greeting cards, calendars, and hard-back books—rich with your own photos, images, text, and special touches.  Take this workshop to learn the most effective iPhoto tips and techniques!

Organizing Documents in Adobe Acrobat Pro
NEW!  Did you think PDFs were just for viewing?  Not true!  Take this workshop to learn how to create visually interesting multimedia PDF presentations, documents, and interface elements for distribution on the web, on CD/DVD, and via email.

Podcasting (7-Week HYBRID Course)
The iPod revolution is rapidly moving from delivering just music to being used in education as a portable learning tool. It allows access to lectures, speeches, audio books, etc. There are growing opportunities for teachers to create, distribute, and access audio and video learning materials.
This project-based course will introduce you to the shooting and recording techniques as well as editing of audio, enhanced, and video podcasts.  You should come to the course with an intention to produce a podcast for your class and you will leave with at least one finished episode.

By signing up for the Podcasting Course you are signing up for two 3-hour long workshops, as well as three supervised lab sessions.  There will also be an online component to this class, available using Moodle and lynda.com.  Only participants who attend all 7 workshops and complete a project will earn the CiTE Certificate. Part-time faculty who have not previously passed this course and who attend all 7 workshops and complete a project will also receive a stipend in the amount of $150.00. Full-time staff who also teach part-time in Columbia do not qualify for a stipend.

Screen Capture Techniques
Do you need to create documentation with lots of screen shot images?  Or do you want to record your on-screen activity to create demos or tutorials?  In this workshop, learn how to perform both screen grab and screen capture techniques to design visually pleasing handouts and rich classroom presentations (including quick in-application zooming, repositioning and editing).  We’ll take a look at some built-in Mac tools, as well as Layers, Quicktime X, Jing, and Screenflow.  Most of these are Mac-only applications, but several are cross-platform (Mac and Windows).