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Web Design and iOS Programming

Web Design and iOS Programming

Intro Courses

Intro to iOS Programming (5-Week Course)
This five-session workshop will cover the basics of designing applications (apps) for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We begin with designing interactive Web Apps using Apple's intuitive Dashcode application and then move on to more advanced tools for App Developers including Xcode, Interface Builder and iPhone Simulator. Lastly, we will cover the basics of becoming an Apple Developer and submitting your Apps to the App Store. This course will also include an introduction to programming using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Objective C language. Participants should be competent in basic computer skills.
By signing up for the Developing Apps Workshop Series you are signing up for all 5 3-hour long workshops. Only participants who attend all 5 workshops will earn the CiTE Certificate. There are no stipends associated with this course.

Web Design (5-week workshop)
The Web Design Course is designed to give beginners a solid understanding of what it takes to build a website. The workshops will introduce you to important web concepts and explain the necessary steps you need to take to create your own web presence. You will also learn about HTML, image preparation techniques, and the basics of two industry-leading web applications: Dreamweaver (used for traditional web design) and Flash (used for more interactive web experience).