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Dossier: On The Occasion Of


CM Burroughs
Tony Trigilio

Managing Editor

Cora Jacobs

Senior Editorial Assistant

Jacob Victorine

Editorial Assistants

Cameron Decker 
Patti Pangborn
Taylor Pedersen
Andre Price

No. 12, Winter 2015

Court Green was founded in 2004 by Arielle Greenberg, Tony Trigilio, and David Trinidad.  The three of us felt great affinity for the tradition of American little magazines in the U.S., and we were especially drawn to the spirit of the mimeograph revolution of the 1960s.  For us, some of the most innovative and influential work in contemporary U.S. poetry came out of these small-press journals. . . read more here


Work by Past and Present Editors

CM Burroughs
Two Untitled Poems

Lisa Fishman
July-August, 2013

Arielle Greenberg
A Little Bit Lonely. (Money.)

Tony Trigilio
from Book 2. The Complete Dark Shadows (of my childhood)

David Trinidad

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